8 Of Our Team’s Must-Have Travel Essentials For Summer

By Renée Ardon-Coppinger
6th Feb 2024

Ah, sweet summer—those long luxurious days that saunter into warm decadent evenings shared with friends. Perhaps you’re heading overseas, using up some annual leave for a roadtrip or simply sailing your way on the water. Whatever your plans, we’ve teamed up with TravaCalm to ensure you make the most of every moment this season.

We asked our team to share their travel hacks to help you pack light and right before heading off on your next adventure. Here’s eight of our team’s must-have travel essentials.

"My emotional support water bottle"

—Bridget, Client Services Manager

My emotional support water bottle comes everywhere with me, and I seem to get extra thirsty on planes. Plus I always carry a pack of gum to conjure up the illusion of feeling fresh—even after 24 hours of travel—and a pair of headphones to block out crying bubs and scary turbulence.

"There's always TravaCalm Ginger in my bag"

—Sophie, Senior Strategist

Every Boxing Day, my family plans a stunning endless day out on the water which is one of my favourite days of the year. There's always non-drowsy TravaCalm Ginger in my bag, as well as my favourite bucket hat so I can be sun smart in the glorious weather.

Swimming in Italy

"If you want to be extra zen, ear plugs are essential."

—Kylie, Head Of Production 

It sounds weird but I love traveling with a beanie—you can pull it down over your ears and eyes and block everyone out once the plane gets going (your own little cocoon). If you want to be extra zen, ear plugs are essential for long journeys. Also, downloading a few good albums before you fly is always a winner. My go-to for sleeping/relaxing is Nils Frahm, and then I choose more of a vibe for the descent/landing to get you excited and distract you from any bumps along the way.

"Moisture plus some mild aromatherapy can make all the difference."

—Eric, Digital Designer

Always a portable charger, because you never know when you're going to need some extra juice. Also a good lip balm and a good-smelling hand cream because those flights can get dry, so moisture plus some mild aromatherapy can make all the difference.

Tokyo Japan walking under bridge

"My fave peppermint tea bags in my carry-on."

—Bella, Junior Commercial Content Producer

I always take some of my fave peppermint tea bags in my carry-on or checked luggage, so if I'm ever overwhelmed in a foreign location I have that one familiar thing handy to chill me out. I must also always always always carry lollies for a quick pick-me-up if I'm hungry in transit.

"A constant supply of baby wipes on hand."

—Ranyhn, Brisbane Editor

With a two-year old always at toe, I need to have a constant supply of baby wipes on hand. So good for cleaning up anything and everything, especially melted ice cream.

Florence Ponte Vecchio

"Two killer reads—I always need a back-up in case."

—Renée, Commercial Content Producer

My silk eye mask to shut out that early morn light as I’m a tumultuous sleeper, a packet (or three) of antibacterial hand wipes to scrub whatever plane seat I’m in, plus two killer reads—I always need a back-up in case I feel like switching up genres. I’ll also never travel far without my TravaCalm Travel Band—it’s reusable and always helps knock my pesky nausea during flight turbulence.

"Extra snacks to avoid hunger during long meal gaps."

—Sally, Head Of Studio Operations

I pack essentials like a hydrating night cream to keep my skin moisturised during flights where the cabin air can be quite drying, a fully loaded iPad with shows for binge-watching, and extra snacks to avoid hunger during long meal gaps on planes or long car rides.

Get a little woozy at take off? Stay ahead of motion sickness with TravaCalm Original,  TravaCalm Ginger or TravaCalm H.O. Chewable. Suffer from endless seaside nausea? Grab TravaCalm Travel Bands for nausea relief from motion and pregnancy. To find out more, head to your local pharmacy and set yourself up for summer. 

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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