You Can Now Trade Your Excess Solar Energy For Slabs Of VB And No We’re Not Kidding

By Ioana Dragnef
30th Mar 2021

a green van with a sign that says

If you thought the legends at VB couldn’t get more legendary, you thought wrong. 

As of today, VB is turning beams into beer via a new program that enables beer lovers to trade their excess solar energy for slabs of Victoria Bitter. 

Yes, you read that right: VB’s Solar Exchange program allows participants to exchange credit on their power bill—obtained from generating excess solar at home—for VB. Every $30 worth of credit can be exchanged for a slab, which is then delivered straight to your door. How good is that?

VB’s program is the first of its kind and an extension of VB’s ongoing commitment to bettering the planet by brewing its beer using 100% offset solar electricity. So if you were mulling over whether to take the plunge and install solar panels, consider this a sign from the universe. For more of the deets, click here.

Speaking of VB, did you know they’ve released a signature fragrance?

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