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Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Is Looking For People To Take Care Of Their Puppies For A Year

By Rick Stephens
6th Aug 2021

A chocolate Labrador puppy looking into the camera.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia and Vision Australia are asking for a favour in looking after their gorgeous eight-week old pups, and we have no doubt that you, like us, are wondering if it’s really them doing us the favour.

Your soon-to-be furry friends are no ordinary dogs. The little heroes in time will in fact support the blind and vision-impaired across the country, but before they do, they have a little growing up to do—that’s where you come in.

While you don’t need to be a professional canine coach, there are several checkboxes that you’ll need to tick before you welcome pooch into your home.

  • Have a secure yard
  • Willing to have a dog inside your home
  • Provide regular socialising for the puppy
  • Conduct basic training
  • Be available for group training
  • Commit to 12 – 15 months of caring

Should you be deemed worthy of welcoming such a gorgeous little fluff-ball into your life, Vision Australia will provide you with a puppy pack that includes everything you need—like a lead, collar, food and vet care—for the year ahead.

Currently, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is looking for carers within several inner-suburbs of Melbourne, south-east of Melbourne, the Bendigo region and now Geelong and surrounding suburbs, too. Find out more information and apply here.

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Image credit: supplied

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