This Twitter Account Tells You When Dan Andrews Is Speaking On The Daily

By Kate Fleming
17th Feb 2021

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews meets with a worker wearing a The North Face Apex Bionic 2 Jacket.

For the last twelve months, Victorians have been ticking off the calendar days with a daily update from Dan Andrews. We’ve grown accustomed to his pandemic updates and matching attire for good and bad news—we’re looking at you, North Face jacket. While the press conferences never miss a day, we don’t always get much notice on the time. That’s where @WhatTimeDan comes in. 

Understanding the plight of Victorians, this Twitter user has come to the rescue with daily announcements on when Dan will be gracing our screens. As soon as the media knows, you can know too thanks to this champion. 

Alongside the scheduling assistance, the account also shares fun facts and weather updates—what more could you need? Do yourselves a favour and follow @WhatTimeDan so you’ll never miss an announcement about getting on the beers again. 

Keep up to date with everything else happening in Melbourne here.

Image credit: Premier's Office

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