This Shanghai-Style Diner In The CBD Is Serving Up Black Truffle Dumplings

By Simon Cassar
16th Jun 2021

Black dumplings sitting inside a bamboo dish.

Yulongfu sits right in the thick of it on the top end of Bourke Street in the CBD, known for their heritage aligned steamed buns and dumplings, the restaurant is a famous spot amongst foodies for their high-quality Xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings filled with mincemeat and broth).

With a hefty lineage of culinary experience, the family-run restaurant by Yong and Emily Liu have each brought their own innovative approach to classic Shanghainese style dishes. Their most recent invention, the black truffle and pork Xiaolongbao are one of the most picturesque and delicious additions to the city-based outpost. 

A tender and juicy pork ball in a steamy soup are encased in the black truffle wrapping, these decadent little dumplings are based on original family recipes that originate back to 1904.
That’s over 110 years of continuous refinement.

As well as the trademark truffle buns, there’s a slew of other regional favourites at the 130 seat diner, including sizzle hot plates, Shanghai-style sweet and sour barramundi fish with vermillion red sauce and more. 

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Image credit: Griffin Simm 

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