60 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 4

By Urban List Writers
9th Oct 2017

60 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 4

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight had all the drama and we were left feeling pretty gutted for Aaron because of Ben’s behaviour. That said, Ben showed he does have a heart (just not for Aaron).

With the hint that it’s all about the honeymoons tonight, we. Can’t. Wait.

Here are 60 thoughts we had while watching Married At First Sight tonight.

  1. All the flashbacks. All the feels.
  2. There’s gonna be more Bel drama. Couldn’t have guessed that one.
    married at first sight
  3. Over the threshold? Good on ya, Luke! Better than your wedding night when Lacey dragged you over. 
  4. Luke and Lacey have all the fun.
  5. Nope, not too shabby, Luke.
  6. A sleep and a drink? Yes, please! Can we marry you Lacey?
  7. Draw a graph with the X and Y it would be on an upward. You sure are the mathematician, Luke!
  8. Opposites attract, huh? So far, yes.
  9. Oh, hello Claire and Dom! We’ve missed you.
  10. Dom’s still smitten. Thank goodness.
    married at first sight
  11. Nothing like a great bed dive. 
  12. It’s going to get heated? Which kind of heated, Claire?
  13. Jumping on the bed will come later? That kind of heated.
  14. OMG. They’re going to christen every spa bath and bed in the house? These two are frisky AF.
  15. And back to Bel and Hayden…
    married at first sight
  16. O for awkward elevator silence. 
  17. Umm…a love heart in rose petals is intense? Honey, you just married a man you’ve never met!
  18. Pity the person who has to clean up after you dumped the petals on the floor.
  19. Claire dropped the F-bomb.
  20. These two are so cute.
  21. Dom: “We’ve decided to keep the intimacy between ourselves for now.” Claire: “Okay, yes, we’ve made love.” Dom might wanna make sure Claire knows the rules.
  22. “He’s pretty good and he knows what he’s doing.” Claire! Your daughter is going to be watching this! And the rest of the country.
  23. “He is annoying me.” Oh dear.
  24. Dom talks and he talks and he talks.
    married at first sight
  25. Claire: “I just don’t know if I could see myself with him.” Shit, that was a big (and quick) change! 
    married at first sight
  26. OMG that shirt, Luke. 
  27. Uh-oh…did Lacey just friend-zone Luke?
    married at first sight
  28. Not the face you want to see when you ask if you’re someone’s type—physically. 
  29. We have two men who wanna be boys? Heads up: they’re your wives, not your mama!
  30. Bel and Hayden are looking a little perkier this morning.
  31. Bel: “If this is not a challenge, I don’t know what is.” Yeah…wait until you deal with actual issues.
  32. Houston, we have an emotionally mature man.
  33. Lacey and Luke are scared of heights and about to live their worst nightmare.
  34. Luke is showing some emotional maturity. Come on, bro. You can open up!
    married at first sight
  36. Luke: “Guess I had to take charge.” You sure did! Legend.
  37. Bel: “Probably our most challenging disagreements so far.” Honey, it’s been a few days—if that!
  38. Hayden and Bel. You’re still good.
  39. Back to Claire and Dom. Where the f*ck are Aaron and Ben?
    married at first sight
  40. Nothing like driving to get to know your spouse. 
  41. He reminds you of your ex-husband. Could there be a bigger burn?
  42. These too are bickering like they’ve been together for years and years…and years.
  43. Luke: “It’s hard to live a normal life in Rotorua.” What’s wrong with Roto-Vegas?!
    married at first sight
  44. From bicker to bath. Haha. Claire and Dom are great. 
    married at first sight
  45. OMG. Is that what we think it is? 
  46. “Good girl.” Hayden has his teacher voice on.
  47. Crikey. One little thing and Bel wants to home. This is MARRIAGE. You can’t runaway every time.
  48. Claire: “I know I was saying today that he’s not the one, but things can change.” Very quickly, it seems!
  49. They keep talking about sticking the six weeks, not a lifetime, out. Was their wedding fake? Their marriage certificates fake?
  51. Hang on, wait? Hayden is in the lift alone with a suitcase?!
    married at first sight
  52. Bel! Who are you talking to? 
  53. Bel: “I feel pressured now to text him.” Why is everything she does surrounded in DRAMA?
  54. Hayden is flying home?
  55. Bel, if you’re dumping a guy over him challenging you, then you…well…no words.
  56. Hayden, you don’t need to be embarrassed.
    married at first sight
  57. Ah well, Bel. There's always Survivor. 
  58. Oh shit, now Luke is bummed out. What’s happened?
  59. Lacey dumped Luke? WTF?
  60. Hope these experts aren’t banking on a future career in relationships because it just went down the drain...

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