43 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 2

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2nd Oct 2017

43 Thoughts We Had While Watching Married At First Sight Episode 2

Last night brought so much love, laughter and drama to our screens as we watched two couples tie the knot. Claire and Dom were super-cute and Lacey and Luke took us on a roller coaster of emotions. But it was good. Real good.

Tonight saw Married at First Sight’s next two couples get married. And…we’re divided. One couple is a train wreck waiting to happen and we can’t look away while the other is all the couple goals.

We had all the thoughts—43 of them in fact.

Without further ado, here are 43 thoughts we all had while watching episode two of Married at First Sight.

  1. Last night was sooo good. Let’s hope it continues.
    married at first sight
  2. Oh good morning love birds! How’s the awkward factor? 
  3. There’s no hiding on national TV, Claire and Dom!
  4. You know Dom will be watching you say there was no attraction, right, Claire?
  5. Andrew… we don’t know what to say. Student flat, a pig running around and two ex girlfriends who became strippers.
    married at first sight
  6. We. Can’t. Even. (
  7. Pani says Vicky is a sweet, sensitive girly girl. We’re struggling to see how she’s a match for Andrew. But, you’re the expert.
    married at first sight
  8. She even has a Disney castle on her wall. 
  9. Vicky: “I’m looking for my fairy tale ending.” Oh shiiiittt.
  10. Oh, Vicky. Don’t cry! You’ve just been dating frogs. Your time will come.
  11. Tony: “This is the most high risk.” Then don’t do it!
  12. Angel: “As long as they’re open to loosening up their belt buckles…” Umm… okayyy.
  13. Oh, Brett. We’ve gotta do something about your self-esteem. Above average should be your norm.
    married at first sight
  14. And check out your smile! 
  15. So much laughter in Angel’s home. #familygoals
    married at first sight
  16. Love how well Granny is taking the news. 
  17. “Well I think she’s mad.” Haha Granny never a truer word was spoken!
  18. Vicky: “I hope he thinks I’m beautiful.” Damn, girl, you’re gorgeous!
  19. Vicky is trusting the experts and the process. Us? Not so much.
  20. Andrew, you’re getting married. If there was ever a time to overthink things, this is it.
    married at first sight
  21. Pani: “The wedding day will make the whole thing real.” Yes, yes it will, Pani.
  22. Brett sent a gift before the wedding? Serious points for you.
  23. Your energy is infectious, Angel.
  24. Does anyone else notice how similar Andrew and Jordan from The Bachelor look? #lostbrothers Let’s hope he’s a better catch…
    married at first sight
  25. Angel: “I hope when he sees me he’s got a grin like a Cheshire cat.” That’s a win for you, Angel! 
  26. These two are couple goals. Even Granny is smiling.
  27. Heart sinking moment waiting for the next wedding.
    married at first sight
  28. When the bride’s guests tidy you up… 
  29. Nice welcome, Andrew. You did good.
    married at first sight
  30. A not-so subtle once-over, huh? 
    married at first sight
  31. Wowsie. Now that’s a kiss. 
  32. And another. And another. Dude. Maybe get to know her a bit first?
  33. Andrew: “Everything’s going to be infinitely easier from here on in.” Ummm…hate to break it to you but it’s just beginning.
  34. Vicky’s mum is giving all the advice about keeping private things private. He def likes to touch but, you know, calm your farm, Mum.
  35. Andddd we’re getting a private word. Way to go, Mum. Drama.
  36. You’re handling it well, Andrew. This isn’t easy.
  37. Brett and Angel…you’re smitten with each other and we’re smitten with you.
  38. Vicky: “I hope I do get my happily ever after but we will see, we will see.” Not so hopeful.
  39. 12/10? Us too!
    married at first sight
  40. Vicky: “It’s fine, it doesn’t feel awkward at all.” When a woman says, “it’s fine…” 
  41. The energy between these two couples is like chalk and cheese.
  42. Mum put doubt in Vicky’s mind and there went the night…
  43. Actually feeling bad for them both. #endingonalow 

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