Auckland’s Best Costume Shops

By Bella Askelund
17th Oct 2017

Auckland's Best Costume Shops

Put down one of your multiple personalities and try on a costume for a change. Whatever your interpretation of freakish may be, it’s time to get dressed up (or down) and cruise your way all around town. Yep, dressing up is probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on. 

So, whether you favour the classic pumpkin-inspired costume or you prefer to hop into a little Mean Girls cliché—Auckland’s got a pretty fab selection of costume shops to help out a friend in need. If we were president, the first thing we’d do is make costumes mandatory at every celebration! Who likes being themselves anyway?

Here’s the best costume shops in Auckland.

Desiree Costume Hire


Holy guacamole, Desiree Costume Hire has been around since 1928! Surely this means we must embrace all the ancient myths of the world? The full body Dracula costume is something special, boasting a black cape with a silky red inside and a blood-red vest that’ll have your skin crawling. Or, for our lady friends, the black angel outfit is pretty fricking fabulous. With an abundance of costumes on offer, this is a perfect shop to visit for those lacking dress up inspiration. When Halloween comes we simply cannot have you cutting holes in an old sheet and being a ghost. Na-uh friends, we have standards!

Geoff’s Emporium

Mount Eden

Geoff’s Emporium is one of Auckland’s most iconic dress-up shops. The plentiful selection of fabric and art supplies allows the creatives of the world to DIY their own outfits. From bedazzled jewels and every kind of face paint, you’re guaranteed to be looking on fleek after a browse here. Or, for those of you who prefer that get in and get out approach, the costume selection is rather wonderful too. However, there’s little reason to not want to spend hours here…unless you’re someone who also prefers instant noodles. 

Fantasy Costume Hire

Wairau Valley

As the name suggests, Fantasy Costume Hire allows you to rent a groovy costume for the evening. If you weren’t aware, costumes can get pretty pricey if your standards are as high as Lady Gaga’s,  so we’re not about to say no to a friendly rental. The Hugh Hefner outfit is truly something exceptional—apparently there’s more to it than just a red robe and some saggy skin. Or, for the most admirable couple goals, the Fred and Wilma Flinstone outfits are difficult to beat. Just make sure your man doesn’t get any ideas and start whacking people with his caveman club. Not cool, Fred!

First Scene


Mamma Mia! First Scene really do have it all. They’re recognised as being New Zealand’s largest costume and prop hire store, and for good reason. We could go to absolute town browsing their website, it’s probably best to reserve a solid three hours to ensure ample scrolling time. The props department is quite frankly unbeatable. If you’re planning a party, this is the ideal spot to pimp out your pad. There’s giant animal statues and backdrops resembling The Great Gatsby mansion. There’s even Mad Hatter’s entire table selection for hire as well as a rabbit statue to match—who’s up for an Alice In Wonderland celebration?

Look Sharp

Multiple locations

Amongst Kiwi millennials, Look Sharp is infamous for supplying quality party accessories. Funnels, drinking hats and quirky straws, there’s just about everything to ensure your birthday bash is as cringe as they come. There’s a fab selection of costumes on offer too, for adults and the little ones. Our pick has to be the flower power costumes straight out of the ‘70s. White leather boots with a bright floral mini-dress—we couldn’t get any cuter if we tried. There’s also an endearing kid's Wonder Women outfit. Don’t worry, it’s not quite as revealing as Gal Gadot’s rendition.

Carnival Costume Hire


Ever wished you could just roll yourself into a taco and walk around being all tacolicious for the day? Yeah, same here. Well, fast forward to Carnival Costume Hire’s giant taco outfit and our dreams are now a reality. They’ve got literally every costume one could imagine. There’s the Joker, Jack Sparrow and Jedi right through to Beetlejuice, Postman Pat and Elton frickin’ John. We kind of wish we had the job where we got to invent all the different outfits? We’d probably make a giant margarita to accompany the taco.

Elite Costume Hire Ltd


Walking into Elite Costume Hire Ltd reminds us of being a little kid in a lolly store. Not only is there an abundance of costumes but the staff are as bubbly as Holly Golightly is to her pet cat! This is a fab Auckland costume shop to check out for those who love being in the spotlight. The staff are super accommodating and will ensure you’re leaving looking like the total diva you were born to be. Leaving the best news for last, there’s an entire selection solely for couples costumes. Quick, grab your beau, things are about to get uggggly. Only because we know you’re going to pick the Shrek and Fiona duo—don’t worry, it’d almost be rude not to. #ButWhere’sDonkey?

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