Auckland’s Best Group Fitness Classes To Try Now

By Ava Wardecki
27th Feb 2019

Auckland's Best Group Fitness Classes To Try Now

Teamwork makes the dream work and smashing fitness goals is no exception to this. There’s no better place to get cracking on your exercise ambitions and build those abs than in the company of other Aucklanders on the same sweaty journey. From run groups to morning raves, the City of Sails has plenty of group fitness classes where you can feel the burn, and perhaps meet a friendly face along the way.

Get ready to sweat in sync—here are Auckland’s best group fitness classes.

Cycle Virtual 30

District Fitness

It’s 2019 and we still don’t have flying cars and hoverboards everywhere. However, we do have virtual fitness instructors which you can acquaint yourself with at District’s Cycle Virtual classes. They’ll take you through a sequence of cycle moves and manoeuvres designed to amp up your cardio capacity while toning your pins. It's perfect to slot into your busy calendar for a quick pre, during, or post-workday endorphin kick. There are more than twelve of these group fitness classes taking place each week in District’s Queen Street studio. 

Gravity (TRX)

Habitat For Fitness

There’s no denying that Habitat for Fitness is home to some of Auckland’s best group fitness classes. With their very own range of group classes mixing elements from boxing, cycling and circuit training—their workouts are some of the most invigorating in town. A stand out in their group fitness range is none other than their Gravity (TRX) training class. Using a Gravity Trainer (a set of ropes hanging from up above), groups use their body weight to play with gravity and work through moves that are soft on the joints, but tough on the calories. Better yet, these classes are easily accessible and can be joined in at both Habitat for Fitness’ Kingsland and Newmarket gyms.


Victoria Park Market & Smales Farm

The high-performance pilates classes offered at Kcöre are innovative, results-based, full-body workouts that have you feeling stronger and more balanced in no time. Kcöre Pilates classes re-train your biomechanics through functional activity, and will not only have you gain strength but also coordination, flexibility and overall fitness. With two locations in Freemans Bay and Smales Farm, the studios have a range of classes running all day which are suited to different experience levels from beginner to expert. 

Red Fusion

Studio Red Yoga

A mecca for all hot yoga fans, Studio Red is the go-to place for some of Auckland’s best sweat-inducing yoga sessions. A must-try class amongst the mix of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga is Red Fusion—their flagship hot yoga class. All taking place in their serene and contemporary wooden studio, this class will test and strengthen your bod’s abilities with a sequence of slowed down Vinyasa-style poses. It’s the perfect class for both beginners and to seasoned regulars alike.

Morning People


Who would’ve thought that one of Auckland’s best group fitness classes goes down in a bar of all places? While it’s not exactly a class—and you certainly won’t see any deadweights or dumbbells in sight—you’ll find that pumping music and the buzzing atmosphere a morning rave at Morning People is all you need for a kicking workout. With a lineup of New Zealand’s best DJs spinning different tunes and free juice and coffee, waking up early is well worth this treat.

Fitsquad Bootcamp


Not only are Fitsquad Bootcamp among Auckland’s best group fitness classes, but they’re also certainly the most scenic. Located in parks in Mission Bay, Ellerslie, Auckland Domain, Alexandra Park, Orakei and Victoria Park, these workouts say so-long to the traditional indoor gym. Here, it’s all about getting your sweat on outdoors. Each group session runs for 45 minutes, featuring high-intensity interval training with a range of workout gear. Top-quality trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, stunning outdoor locations and a community of like-minded fitness pals—what more could you want in a group fitness class?

Adidas Run Club


Feel the city wind run wild through your hair, as you run the lengths of the CBD at Adidas’ Run Club. Led by Adidas ambassador and run enthusiast Freina Sands, this club gathers every Tuesday evening outside Adidas store at 6pm sharp. From here, a pack of jog-loving Aucklanders take on the city together—zipping through the buildings and bustle of downtown precincts. Not only is this run club free to join, but there’s also no need to book a spot. More than just an exercise group, it’s safe to say that the run club is a sweat-soaked movement in itself.

Xtend Barre

Studio Three Ponsonby

Like a ballet class for fitness-minded folk, Xtend Barre will have you working your muscles like a seasoned ballerina—minus the skin-tight leotard, ballet shoes and frivolous tutus, of course. This group class features a mix of yoga, ballet and Pilates moves, each rolled in to an energetic yet graceful sequence of moves. Far from a light workout, these moves promise to leave the whole class in a frenzy of shaking thighs and backsides feeling the burn after each session.

Just Dance

Habit Fitness

CBD folk and office workers—this one’s for you. Forget the stress of desk life and escape to Habit Fitness’s Just Dance sessions. With locations in both the Vero and ASB North Wharf’s buildings in the centre city, the convenient location and 45-minute length of these sessions make for the perfect break in your workday. Focusing on getting your body moving and grooving, these fun dance-based fitness classes will melt away the mere thoughts of any looming deadlines, tomorrow’s tedious meeting and next week’s presentation. Prepare to shimmy and shake your way to better muscle tone, improved coordination and of course, a bangin’ bod.


Cross Fit Auckland

No list of Auckland’s best group fitness classes would be complete without the mention of a cross-fit session. Join in the sesh at any one of aptly named CrossFit gym’s Auckland locations, and get ready for a grit-filled group workout. Whether you head to their Northshore or Ponsonby gym, their sessions will whip you right into shape with a series of high-intensity repeated workouts, that can be suited to any level of fitness and experience. With a focus on encouraging each and every member to push their boundaries—there’s nothing but #goodvibes in each and every class.

Looking for more inspo? Here are nine fitness classes to try in Auckland now.

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