Smash Your Fitness Goals With 10 Fitness Classes In Auckland To Try Now

By Ava Wardecki
12th Feb 2019

9 Fitness Classes  In Auckland To Try Now

With a variety of unique and exciting options on the Auckland workout scene, we’ve rounded up ten of the very best fitness classes to work yourself into a serious sweat and get those endorphins pumping. 

Get ready to make this your year for health and strength. Here are the best fitness classes in Auckland to try now. 

X-Force, Body Tech Gym


Shake up your workout with the addition of negative strength training in your schedule. Yes, they’re a thing, and yes, you can find them right here in Auckland at Grafton’s Body Tech Gym. With the aim no longer on lifting weights to build strength, X-Forcetraining is all about conditioning and strengthening while focusing on lowering weights. Best of all, not only do you get the expert guidance of a qualified PT here—you only need a 20-minute session, twice a week for top-notch results.

Burlesquercise, Queen Street


Shimmy, shake and sashay your way into fitness with a Burlesquercise class. Merging the sultry side of this vaudeville performance style with a sequence of cardio moves, this is easily the sassiest workout about town. While you won’t find any feather boas, fishnets or glitter in these classes, you can bet that Burlesquercise will simply ooze fabulousness every sexy step of the way. Round up your squad, channel your inner cabaret divas and get ready for the most glamorous workout experience of your life.

Pole Sport, Onyx Fitness Studio


Fun, fabulous, and ridiculously good for building up muscle, Pole Sport is a must-try fitness class. Make this the year of muscle gain, flexibility and coordination as you contort yourself around the pole in a series of moves designed to give your body a head-to-toe workout. Held in their gorgeous Anzac Ave studios, in the heart of the CBD, these classes are perfect for the inner-city dwellers looking to get into the swing of a new and exciting workout routine.

Kcöre Pilates

Victoria Park

There’s Pilates, and then there’s Kcöre’s thorough performance Pilates. Unlike any Pilates class that you’ve stretched yourself around in before, Kcöre’s high intensity classes take you through innovative, scientifically enhanced routines that work to re-train your biomechanics (which, in simple speak, work as a body hack help you get toned and trimmed in record time). Just one 45-minute class at this inner-city boutique studio will give your bod a head-to-toe power workout—improving everything from balance to flexibility. 

Aerials At Dust Palace 


While most fitness classes get you breaking a sweat on the gym floor, Dust Palace like to do things a little differently. They’re all about getting physical while being dangled up in the air. Enter their Aerials class: the fun way to get fit and flexible—all while swinging and swooping from the ceiling from aerial silks and lycra. 90 minutes of this class will take you through everything from conditioning, body awareness and endurance training. They even add an extra dose of pizazz to the workout by teaching you the odd performance trick or two along the way.

Yogasana, Sala


Yoga and music go hand-in-hand, that’s a fact. Throw some fast-paced, sweat-inducing moves in that mix and you’ve got yourself a winning workout combination known as Yogasana. Head to Ponsonby boutique gym Sala to try this hybrid workout, as you break a sweat in the chicest studios the fitness world has ever been graced with. Part cardio, part yoga, this multi-disciplinary workout brings you the best of both worlds to help you level up everything from your strength to muscle tone, breathing to your body’s cardiovascular systems. 

BarreFit, NZ Ballet


Hosted by the ballet academy NZ Ballet, BarreFit is the workout designed by ballet extraordinaires to help you reach dancer level strength—minus the leotards, tutus or pointe shoes. Here you’ll gracefully work your way through high repetition, low weight, and of course highly effective, exercises. While poised movements form most of this class’ maneuvers, these sessions are a rigorous and challenging workout that, in their words, will make your body “shake like a bowl of JELL-O.”

Smash at Wreck Room

Eden Terrace

When a fitness class goes by the name of Smash, you know it's going to be a goodie. In line with the Wreck Room’s boxing-based functional fitness classes, their 55-minute Smash class is all about using bodyweight, resistance and weights to rev up your strength and cardio capacity.  Set in a supportive and fun environment, this fitness class is an absolute must try for those wanting to, well, smash, their fitness goals.

Westward Cycle


Say hello to a brand new set of toned thighs this year with the help of the team at Westward Cycle. Putting a, err, spin on the traditional spin cycle class, Westward’s instructors will take you on an invigorating cycle class journey that’s basically a group dance-party on a bike. The sessions feature pumping music to invigorate you as are taken through a range of intensities that are designed to strategically release serotonin, dopamine and endorphins as you power through the workout. 

Cycle Virtual 30, District Fitness


It’s 2019. We still don’t have flying cars and hoverboards everywhere. However, we do have virtual fitness instructors which you can acquaint yourself with at District’s Cycle Virtual 30 classes. They’ll take you through a sequence of cycle moves and manoeuvres designed to amp up your cardio capacity, while toning your pins. Perfect to slot into your busy calendar for a quick pre, during, or post-workday endorphin kick, there are over twelve of these classes taking place each week in District’s Queen Street studio.  

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