Tone Up At Auckland’s Best Pilates Studios

By Georgia Summerton
16th May 2019

Auckland’s Best Pilates Studios

There is a misconception that Pilates is an easy-going style of workout that doesn't require the same strength and effort as traditional gym workouts. Well, we are here to break the news that this is not true, Pilates is not only a challenging and effective workout but a safe one. It ensures a controlled and specific targetting of muscles, meaning less impact on your body, less risk of injuries but a seriously good toning, muscle building and fat burning workout. If you are keen to give it a try but don't know where to start, we have you covered. 

Here are 12 of Auckland's best Pilates studios. 


Victoria Park Market and Smales Farm

The high-performance pilates classes offered at Kcöre are innovative, results-based, full-body workouts that have you feeling stronger and more balanced in no time. Kcöre Pilates classes re-train your biomechanics through functional activity, and will not only have you gain strength but also coordination, flexibility and overall fitness. With two locations in Freemans Bay and Smales Farm, the studios have a range of classes running all day which are suited to different experience levels from beginner to expert. 

Wild Pilates


Located in Newmarket, Wild Pilates is a tranquil and beautiful studio that specialises in reformer Pilates. The dynamic group classes and private sessions use the reformer to provide a low impact but muscle toning and strengthening workout. There are morning, day time and evening sessions every day or you can book in for your own private session to get a more attentive workout with one of the expert trainers. 


Multiple locations across Auckland

With eight different locations in Auckland, Peak Pilates have a studio near you and with their expert training style, it is worth heading along to check them out. The classes are designed to help strengthen, tone, shape and increase flexibility. They also specialise in injuries and the highly trained physiotherapists available are the best team to get you feeling back on track if you are recovering. There are no forced subscriptions and they offer everything from absolute beginner classes to more challenging Pilates for advanced students. 

PilatesFIT Boutique


This boutique studio in Hobsonville Point is all about inspiring students to enjoy the challenge of working out for the body and mind. PilatesFIT is run by Chelsea Kawana who wants her studio to be welcoming and high energy, where people can have fun while working hard. The workouts are designed to help improve strength, posture and flexibility while also toning and sculpting the whole body through controlled movements. The 50-minute sessions are challenging but highly-addictive and have you coming back for more every time. 

Rise Studio


This Pilates and yoga studio is all about creating a beautiful space with happy people and beneficial practices for everyone to experience. The studio encapsulates the ultimate sense of calm and clarity and by offering complimentary mats, towels and before-class refreshments to make your experience seamless. Using traditional yoga and Pilates methods fused with more modern techniques creates the unique classes offered at Rise. The two Pilates classes offered are each different and challenging in their own way. Hot Pilates is in a 33-degree room to increase blood flow and flexibility and Hot Hiit Pilates is more cardio high intensity based. 

Movement Lab

Grey Lynn

More than just a good work-out, Movement Lab provide clinical Pilates rehabilitation as well as one-on-one sessions for a more personalised and individual training session. The fitness rehab centre offers group mat classes and reformer classes which are kept to small numbers to focus on technique and safety. The expert team focus on the biometrics of the body and are the best people to trust with any sensitive areas or old injuries you might be worried about when working out.

Reform Fitness

Newmarket and Parnell

The team at Reform Fitness do things a little differently to the standard Pilates class. There are no slow, holistic, mindful movements to be seen—instead think body-enhancing, muscle trembling, dynamic and challenging reformer Pilates. If you are looking for a workout that will push your body then this is the one for you. These are controlled functional exercises that focus on isolating muscles, working till they fatigue and then stretching them out. The dynamic exercise programme delivers results fast in two safe environments, Newmarket and Parnell

Physio Pilates


The expert Physiotherapists at Physio Pilates are the best team to go to if you are recovering from an injury or need to be more careful to prevent injury when working out. The team works to ensure the best possible recovery and can tailor each workout and treatment to suit personal needs. The friendly and caring environment has a full range of Pilates equipment and each person is encouraged to move to whatever their physical ability, challenging yourself as much or as little as you like. The first visit is a one-on-one class where the instructor will listen to your goals and together you will work through the best options for you.

Kia Kaha Studios


This beautiful North Shore studio aims to assist people in finding their strength in order to develop self-confidence, better well-being and an overall healthy body. The exercise programs at Kia Kaha Studios focus on activating specific muscle groups and work on strengthening and lengthening the spine so that you can be more flexible, have better balance and overall body awareness. Offering a range of classes, the Pilates focused workouts have everything from mat work to reformers and different levels for beginners through to advanced.  

Studio Three

Grey Lynn

Specialising in Pilates, Xtend Barre and Yoga, Studio Three is all about your individual goals and helping you get there. The team of highly trained instructors motivate and encourage you to push yourself in the right direction. The beautiful wooden floors and large windows make the studio light and full of fresh air, creating a welcoming and enjoyable place to workout. The range of classes offered everyday make heading along to a session easy and there are specific level classes for whatever stage in your practice you are at. 

Core Collective 

City Works Depot

The boutique method and training style offered at Core Collective is energising, encourages strength and builds muscle while creating a healthy body and mind. Located at the City Works Depot, the beautiful open and modern studio has reformer machines which give you a low impact but extremely effective workout. There is beginner, intermediate and advanced classes as well as post-natal and private options as well, so something for you wherever you are in your Pilates journey. 

Viva Pilates 

Orakei Bay Village

Found in Orakei Bay Village is the beautiful Viva Pilates Studio. Fully equipped with reformers, spine correctors and other equipment to enhance the classes, the expert instructors will guide you through a challenging yet fun session. Specialising in the BASI Pilates method which stands for Body Arts and Science International, it blends the art and science of human movement into this unique style of Pilates. Viva is all about making each person attending feel strong in their bodies, so the small classes ensure plenty of attention and help when needed. The classes range from mat work to full reformer sessions, and dual or private classes are also available to book. 

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Image credit: Kcöre

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