Treat Yourself To 9 Of The Best Spa Treatments In Auckland

By Ava Wardecki
4th Oct 2019

Ikoi Enzyme Spa treatment

When the going, along with your skin and back muscles, gets tough, there’s only one thing to do: a spa day.

Sometimes all the sheet masks and detox teas in the world don’t cut it. We get it. So take your #selfcare sesh up a notch and treat yourself to one of the best and most decadent spa treatments known to Auckland.

From fanciful gold facials, to sub-zero shenanigans, through to full body treatments involving beautiful botanicals of the world, we’ve rounded up the most restorative, original, and quite frankly, best spa treatments in Auckland.

Enzyme Spa

Ikoi Spa

The Japanese definitely know a thing or two about wellness and bathing rituals—that’s no secret. Ikoi Spa’s signature ritual, The Enzyme Spa Treatment, proves exactly that. As the only one of its kind in Auckland, it will treat you to a bath like never before: one that involves you sinking into a huge wooden tub filled with a dry botanical blend of rice bran, sawdust, and organic Japanese flora and fauna. Magical masseuses’ hands will work this goodness into your skin, followed by a warming, detoxifying and skin-softening soak. Once you’re out and dusted off, you’ll be feeling recharged, relaxed and ready to take on whatever the day throws your way.

Cryotherapy and Cryofacial

Cryo Health Solutions

Loved by celebs, athletes, health and beauty aficionados alike, Cryotherapy is an experience you need to try if you fancy looking and feeling your absolute best. Before reaping the many benefits of this zany treatment (tighter pores, increased weight loss, cell-rejuvenation and a hella good adrenaline kick—to name a few)‚ you’ll need to spend one to three minutes in a freezing pod. This isn’t just any kind of brisk morning level of cold, though. Oh no, you’ll be dancing around in temperatures of up to minus 150 degrees celsius—and no, that extra zero wasn’t a typo. Our pick of places for cryotherapy in Auckland is the North Shore’s Cryo Health Solutions, who even offer a freezing facial as a chilly cherry on top to your visit. 

Anti-Gravity Facial and Massage


Say toodle-oo to signs of gravity with the help of Skinography’s Anti-Gravity Facial. It’ll show gravity who’s boss with a range of special massages and movements designed to completely reignite and future-proof your face muscles and skin. Founder Kate will use a magical mix of deep massages, pressure pointing, lymphatic draining and buccal techniques to sculpt your face while boosting blood circulation and collagen production. To say this treatment is a luxury is an understatement—it’s only carried out by a few hand picked facialists around the globe. A special facial indeed, this particular treatment has the royal seal of approval from Kate Moss, Keira Knightly and the Duchess of Sussex herself. 

Salt Cave Halotherapy

Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre

Picture this: floor to ceiling walls made entirely of Himalayan pink rock salt. A floor covered in soft sand. A dim rosy glow. And you, laying back on a lounger, basking in the calmness. Sounds glorious, right? At Salt Cave Halotherapy, this eponymous ritual is their signature offering—and with good reason, it has as many health benefits as it does rejuvenating ones. From skin conditions to respiratory woes, absorbing and breathing in the fine salt aerosols present in this magical room are a natural way of helping your body to hit reset.

The Bespoke Facial

The Facialist

Just like a fine suit or fragrance, things are always better when it’s tailored just to you. Enter the Bespoke Facial; the Facialist’s signature treatment, which uses only the very best products and techniques to get the very best results for your skin. From top to toe—or should we say, from forehead to decolletage—your skin will be treated to actives, masks and massage techniques customised to tackle your skin concerns and restore your natural harmony. Propped up in the City Works Depot and just a stones’ throw away from the CBD, this beautiful boutique is the perfect lunch break or post-work spa destination in Auckland. 

Greenstone Ritual

So Spa

Our little slice of paradise is home to all kinds of natural wonders bursting with healing properties—and So Spa’s Greenstone Ritual showcases the very best of them. Taking place in Sofitel’s beautiful harbourside spa, this ritual will treat you to a symphony of homegrown goodness. You’ll start with a a Rotorua geothermal mud and manuka honey body scrub and wrap to nourish and recharge your skin, as well as a full-body Greenstone massage to finish. Best of all, the spa and its lap pool gives way to stunning waterfront views, allowing each and every one of your senses to take in Aotearoa’s beautiful offerings for ultimate relaxation.

Balinese Massage

East Day Spa

Melt your stress away in the most lush inner city setting at East Day Spa. Flickering candles, chic oriental decor and soothing music will set the scene for your dreamy escape. From there, the masseuses magical hands will take you into cloud nine as you indulge in their signature Balinese Massage.  But it’s not just any hands at the helm of this massage—senior massage therapist and spa trainer Agung is to thank for bringing her extensive training in Balinese techniques to the massage table, after prestigious stints at luxury hotels abroad. Whether you’re lucky enough to be at the hands of Agung herself, or her massage prodigies, you can be assured that this treatment is one of the most relaxing and decadent in Auckland, or the world for that matter. 

Qi Beauty Facial

Jeanine Chell

Your skin deserves the very best, so go for gold (literally) and book yourself in for the decadent Qi Beauty Facial at Jeanine Chell. You’ll be in for quite the luxurious pamper session, as Jeanine uses a beautiful—and we mean be-au-ti-ful—setting of 1000 gold plated beads to bring out the best in your skin. Apart from simply keeping you ultra glam mid-facial, these golden beads are used to create a face map across your face’s acupuncture points, energising and stimulating the skin cells. Once the beads are lifted off and premium Australian bush botanicals have been massaged into your skin, you’ll come out the other end looking equally glam and glowing.

Urban Detox Facial

SO/ Spa is here and it’s time to take your facial masking up a notch. Forget any Friday night DIY sheet mask ritual you might have, take your facial masking up a notch and put yourself in the healing hands of SO/ Spa’s therapists for one of Auckland’s best facials. Situated in the impossibly cool and quirky SO/ Hotel in downtown Auckland, you can be sure that this treatment (and SO/’s whole spa menu) pulls out all the stops. Your skin will be treated to a healthy dose of skin superfood Chlorella, in the form of a unique peel off mask, followed by a soothing facial massage. The relaxing doesn’t have to stop there once you’re treatments up—there’s a whole wellness floor kitted out with a sauna, pool, spa and fitness centre for you to enjoy during your visit. 

Up the pampering with a trip to one of Auckland's best day spas.

Image credit: Ikoi, Salt Cave Halotherapy

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