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The Top Spots To Go Ten-Pin Bowling In Auckland

By Alice Rich
9th Aug 2022

Someone has fun bowling at Archie Bros Cirque Electriq.

Rain or shine, bowling is one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon.  Whether you still use the ramp or insist on having the sides up there are loads of laughs, victory dances and near-strikes to be had. Round up your date or your crew, pop on a pair of those ever-so-flattering bowling shoes and get ready to bowl em’ over! 

So in no particular order, here are the best places to go ten-pin bowling in Auckland. 


Queen Street

Although you may have outgrown the velcro bowling shoes and party bags, chances are it’s time to give this fun-filled game another whirl. Head along to Metrolanes where their swanky lanes and coloured neons will bring back childhood memories as you partake in a game of ten-pin bowling with jalapeño poppers and a delish cocktail for good measure. Their Strike Tuesday deal sees you score your second game for just $9.

Newmarket Tenpin Bowling


If you find yourself on Newmarket’s York St waiting for your takeaway order at one of their tasty restaurants, why not kill time at Newmarket Tenpin Bowling instead? Located above a car park and with more of an old-school aesthetic, lovers of the game are still guaranteed a fun-filled bowling sesh. Newmarket Tenpin not only offer bowling, they also have an extensive arcade and a number of pool tables, too. Grab a beer, gather your mates and get ready to wear your winner’s medal with pride. 

Archie Brother’s Cirque Electriq


Up the other end of Newmarket, hidden away in Westfield is Archie Brother’s Cirque Electriq—a ten-pin bowling alley and entertainment zone with a flair for the circus. Bowl along to bangers, snag a mid-game snack from the bar—pink burgers and circus-inspired cocktails anyone?—win prizes in the arcade, take out zombies in the ‘Thrillrider’ and get way too competitive in the dodgems. Cirque Electriq is one helluva good time, even if your bowling skills are non-existent. 

Somebody’s jean-clad legs from behind sporting the ever-fabulous typical bowling shoes in size 6.5. Zone Bowling Wairau

Wairau Valley

Stuck for something to do on the North Shore? For a bit of bowling bonding, hit up Zone Bowling Wairau and prepare to dazzle your mates with your bowling flare with a side of the old beer and burger combos for those #bulking gains. Take a break and practice your pool technique, zoom around playing laser tag, or spend a minimum of twenty bucks trying to win that teddy bear from the claw machine. Good luck (sucker!)

Zone Bowling Botany


Out east and looking for a fun day out? You’ll be delighted to discover that Zone Bowling is here too. Zone Bowling Botany serves all-out amusement park vibes that the whole whānau will enjoy. Whether it’s parents versus kids, staff versus management or an epic double date, start off with a round of bowling, move to a round robin on the air hockey table, let off some steam in the laser tag arena, ‘accidentally’ collide in bumper cars and then refuel at Burger Alley. 



Could West truly be best? PINS is open seven days from 9:30am till midnight, so you can truly bowl the day (and night!) away. If that wasn’t enough to get you swingin’ those balls, they even host disco bowling nights every Friday and Saturday to the sounds of soul, funk and everything in between. Every Tuesday and Sunday night, get ready to play as many games you possibly can until doors close and get ready to feel it in the morning. 

A sleek looking bowling alley with pins lined up in triangles and a bunch of coloured balls waiting on the ball rack. Arena 


Another of the best ten-pin bowling alleys in Auckland, Arena isn’t messing around. Not only do they boast a world-class bowling alley and arcade games galore (and, yes, that includes Mario-Kart) they’ve also got an indoor golf simulator and an inflatable world with bouncy castles, giant slides and more. Their cafe menu is a bit swish too, and caters for a range of dietary requirements. Think cauliflower and gluten-free base options for pizza, vegan cheese, Atlantic salmon croquettes, curly fries in a cone, slushies and a bunch of alternative mylks for coffee.

Manukau Super Strike


You name it, they have it: kick-ass bowling alley? Check. Fun-filled arcade? Yup. Great range of snacking opportunities? Hell yeah! Manukau Super Strike has got it going on! Whether you rate yourself as a bit of a pro or the sight of your ball rolling into the gutter doesn’t phase you too much, Manukau Super Strike will welcome you with open arms and without judgment. And if you fancy levelling up your ball game there’s a range of league options. Organise a team, get your A-game on and get ready to have a blast scoring perfect tens!

Dr Rudi’s

Viaduct Harbour

Would you like to thank us now or later? ‘Cos we’ve found your next date night destination and we know you’re gonna love it! Mixing all the things one could possibly want and need into one epic space, Dr Rudi’s has created one heck of a hot spot. With brewtastic beers, scrummy cocktails and deeeelicious food, combined with one of the best rooftop bars in Auckland (have you seen the views?!) and with free—yes FREE—in-house bowling alleys out back, this is 100% your ultimate squad hangout. 

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Image credit: Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Benjamin Faust and Arena. 

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