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6 Of The Best Mini Golf Courses In Auckland For You To Smash A Hole In One At

By Martha Brooke
3rd Jul 2020

Where To Play Mini Golf In Auckland

Although we may have reluctantly come to terms with the fact that we don’t possess the golfing prowess of Lydia Ko or Rory McIIroy, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy an 18-hole game from time to time. Oh, you thought we were talking a civilised, wear-your-best-attire game of weekend golf? Don’t be daft. No, we’re talking game-face-on mini golf, in all its coloured ball glory. Mini golf is a great activity for all ages (move over kids) and brings out the competitive side in all—yeah, even Aunt Gladys will bring her A game!

With a great selection of locations to enjoy this fine sport, we have rounded up the six spots to perfect that swing and sink those holes in ones—we present, the best places to play mini golf in Auckland.

Lilliputt Mini Golf


No one likes to brag (well, maybe a little) but when you’re home to Auckland’s very first 18-hole mini golf course you’ve got every right to. Not only do Lilliputt in Parnell hold this prestigious title, but their courses boast the best views EVER. Overlooking Waitemata Harbour, players can not only take part in an exciting game of the good stuff, they can also snap a few piccies while doing so coz, c’mon, why wouldn’t you? There are two different courses to choose from, so even though you’re surrounded by spectacular views, keep an eye out for wild beasts, ginormous dinos and other scary critters that linger along the way. 

Gloputt Mini Golf


Daylight mini-golf is sooo last year. Now it’s all about glow-in-the dark golf, duh. Gloputt Mini Golf is the first and only Auckland establishment to create this light-up, glow-in-the-dark experience! Grab your weapon of choice (a.k.a club) and get ready to immerse yourself in an incredible and illuminated game of mini golf. Take to the 16-hole course, keep your eye on the prize and get ready to feel like you’ve stepped into an underground rave! With glow-in-the-dark pathways, buildings and obstacles, this course will challenge even the best players and have you searching for your A game amongst the darkness!

Treasure Island

Auckland Airport

Arrr-guably one of Auckland’s best mini golf courses, Treasure Island have stolen hearts and treasure a-plenty! Work your way around either one of their two 18-hole courses (or both, if you’re feeling extra cocky!) and keep an eye out for pesky pirates. Putt your way around shark infested waters and listen out for the ever off-putting cannon blasts! A fantastic day out for the entire family or a great way to challenge your date (loser pays for dinner!) Treasure Island are the rulers of the mini golf scene! Or should we say seas, too?

Enchanted Forest Mini Golf


With hole names such as ‘3-eyed monster’, ‘piranha path’ and ‘chain of fools’ making up this 18-hole course, Enchanted Forest Mini Golf has certainly got our attention. Located inside a park, this outdoor mini golf course is nothing short of spectacular. Built by golfers, for golfers (yep, we are now calling ourselves golfers) players can expect a fun yet challenging game. Take part in a friendly game full of great sportsmanship or sportswomanship and then reward yourself with a tasty feast on the surrounding BBQs. Now if that doesn’t sound like an easy, fun day out for all, we don’t know what does.

Dragon Quest

New Lynn

With Game Of Thrones still looming large in the collective psyche, make like Daenerys Targaryen and get ready to show those enchanted beasts just what you’re made of as you take part in the Dragon Quest mini golf course in New Lynn. You must take to the course and deliver the eggs back to the angry and awoken dragon before she ruins the realm. Journey into these mystical lands and get ready to take on one heck of an adventure.

Around The World

Mount Wellington

Who says you need a plane ticket and a month off work to travel around the globe? Not us, that’s for sure. Forget expensive plane tickets and months of organisation, as the only thing you’re gonna need is a sense of adventure and some adequate mini golf skills. Around The World will take you to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, whisk you around the Arc De Triomphe and send you into the jaws of the hungry beasts of Africa. Fun for all the family, this is a rainy day activity to keep the kids (and you) extremely happy.

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Image credit: Gloputt

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