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7 Epic Cheesemongers That Deliver Across NZ So You Can Break Out The Cheese Board

By Ava Wardecki
21st Aug 2020

An oozing slice of scrumptious looking cheese from Whitestone Cheese, Over The Moon Dairy, Dutch Shop, Cranky Goat, Eversdale,

There’s no denying that this lockdown life has shaken up our usual grocery runs and eating habits (and no, we’re not just talking about a spike in visits to the pantry). However, with every change comes an opportunity. Us Kiwi foodies have the chance to spend more time hunkering down in the kitchen, getting creative with our food and whipping up a storm—all while supporting local produce businesses. 

So where to start, you ask? The answer’s simple: cheese. Across the country, a bunch of local cheese makers are offering door-to-door delivery of their delicious dairy goodies during Alert Level Three (and beyond). 

Get dreaming up those cheese boards and melty, cheese-laiden winter dishes—here are the best cheese delivery services in New Zealand. 


What’s better than a good slice of camembert? A whole wheel, that’s what. Our friends at Whitestone Cheese are, quite literally, wheeling the good stuff out their doors to our homes by the kilo (and also by the gram, for the more reasonable ones out there). We’re talking 1.8kg wheels of Brie, Camembert as well as the 900g chef’s cheese bricks you’d expect to find in a top quality restaurant. For cheese lovers who simply can’t pick a favourite or want a full cheese degustation experience from the comfort of your own home, opt for their Survival Pack. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but let’s just say you'll be set up with something like a whopping assortment of 20-odd Whitestone cheeses. 

Evansdale Cheese

Let us warn you now, Evansdale’s online cheese selection is conducive to serious drooling. Based in central Otago, Evansdale is to thank for kitting us Kiwis across the nation with artisanal wheels, slices and slabs of cheese. Between hard, soft, blue cheeses and a curation of delectable sides, fromage-loving foodies will be in heaven scrolling through their boutique. For a little something different, they’ve even got fresh cheese curds, perfect for a hearty poutine or, should we say, quaranpoutine.

Over The Moon

Over The Moon Dairy

Cheese lovers of New Zealand, meet your new best friend, Over the Moon Dairy. They’re curbing cheese cravings around the country by delivering to our doors throughout all alert levels. Divided into consistency kinds or bundles of cheeses, their online store is a cheese-laden treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. Be tempted by their ‘bundle of joy’ or ‘say cheese please’ bundles, or simply stock up by the slice. You’ll find all of your cheesey-go-tos, as well as more inventive (yet impossibly delicious) options like their ‘Apollo’ turmeric brie or OMG triple cream brie. 

Cranky Goat And Moody Cow

If the epic name doesn't make you fall in love with this cheese company, then one bite of their cheese ought to do the trick. Seriously folks, family-owned Cranky Goat uses traditional methods and milk from a neighbouring farm to hand make cheese that can only be described as the tastiest and freshest goat’s cheese in the country from September to May. Moody Cow uses milk from Nelson to create their delicious cow's milk from May to September. Cheese all year round? Win. Jump on to their website and browse all your favourite cheese kinds in goat or cow milk form, from soft cheese to ripe and creamy rinded wheels through to even halloumi and feta. Get in.

Maison Vauron

The unofficial food gods of the world, the French, are at it again. This time it’s thanks to Newmarket’s Maison Vauron, who continue to deliver fabulous French cheese across New Zealand. You’ll find each and every fromage you could fit onto a cheese board here: soft, goey, hard, creamy or sharp—you name it, they’ve got it. Worth adding to the cart during these cooler times is a wheel of Reblochon, the key ingredient to the winter staple dish, Tartiflette. Just when you thought you couldn’t love Maison Vauron any more than you do, you’ll be stoked to know that they also deliver French wine and all of the snacks and cheese board trimmings needed to graze lockdown days away, the French way. 

The Dutch Shop

The Dutch Shop

If a hard, slightly nutty and perfectly creamy cheese is your slice of choice, then acquaint yourself with The Dutch Shop. This boutique is shipping online cheese orders across the country, specialising in—you guessed it—cheese from the Netherlands (plus a couple of local and wider European slices). We’re talking Masdaam, Gouda, Old Amsterdam and all the firm yet wonderfully waxy cheeses out there. Treat your tastebuds to the beautifully infused mustard, cumin and smoked cheeses, or take things up a notch with a slice of chilli, lavender and even wasabi cheese.

New Zealand Cheese Ltd

Take yourself on a shopping trip down the boutique cheese aisle (without so much as leaving your couch) by paying New Zealand Cheese Ltd’s online store a visit. You’re in good hands with these fellow cheese lovers, as each and every cheese they list has been handpicked from small independent cheesemakers around the country—including the much coveted and sought-after Mercer Cheese. Better yet, they even keep the goods on deck to ensure they reach the perfect maturity before sending them out to the big wide world—and our plates. So grab a slab or wheel of something delicious, a multi-cheese selection and even a pack of charcuterie (they’ve thought of everything, we’re telling you) and get ready for the most exquisite at-home cheese board experience. You're welcome.

For a little liquid refreshment to accompany all that cheese, head to our of our homegrown vineyards to order in a drop or two.

Image credit: Whitestone Cheese, Over The Moon Dairy, The Dutch Shop

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