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10 Of The Absolute Best Cookies In Auckland, According To You

By Kathryn Steane
17th Feb 2022

Stolen cookies of different colours sit on baking paper.

As far as baked treats go, cookies are king. And we don't discriminate, with room in our hearts (and tummies!) for cookies of all shapes and sizes, whether that's OG cookies, cookie sandwiches, cookie pies—even cookies in their purest form, aka cookie dough.

And it appears you guys are as passionate as we are about this particular topic, with an overwhelming response to our all-important question: who makes the absolute best cookies in Auckland? So here you have it, the top 10 places in Auckland to get your cookie fix, according to you...

Someone holds up a perfectly gooey cookie up to the camera.Stolen Cookies

Online And Markets

Stolen Cookies have stolen our hearts—and yours, it seems—with their incredible treats. Christie claims they have the perfect taste and texture, and she's not wrong. These beauties are downright drool-worthy, and we put that down to having just the right amount of chewiness, combined with wonderfully decadent flavours like rich hot chocolate, crème brulée, and raspberry Caramilk. And if cookie dough is more your jam, they've got cute little tubs filled with the stuff. You can also catch these guys at the Britomart Saturday Market from 8am-2:30pm. P.S. Their logo could be the most relatable thing you see today.

Loafers Bakery


This sweet lil' bakery on Auckland's North Shore is absolutely killing it at the cookie game, slinging NYC-style creations that Maddy says are just delicious. The secret to Loafers Bakery's success? Deliciously dense cookie dough in options like chocolate chunk, rainbow sprinkle and Biscoff, baked just long enough so that it yields cookies that are crisp on the outside, but soft and doughy on the inside. But what Lisa loves most about these treats is the reasonable price.

Ricardo holds up a plate full of massively delicious looking cookies.Hill House Cafe


When we asked you who makes Auckland's best cookies, there was one name (and one cookie in particular) that kept coming up—Hill House Cafe and their legendary afghans. We can't say we're surprised, considering these guys also feature on our city's best cinnamon buns list, but here's what you need to know: these treats are old-school, baked in-house using traditional ingredients to bring us a cookie that your Nana would be proud of. Peter is particularly impressed, telling us not only do these cookies look beautiful, but they also taste like heaven. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hill House's equally popular Anzac and choc-chip offerings.

Someone holds a gooey biscuit from The Vegan Treatory up to the camera.The Vegan Treatory


The Vegan Treatory sure know a thing or two about baking the perfect cookie (which—we must stress—you needn't be vegan to appreciate). Theirs are again more in line with the North American version (thick and crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside) and size-wise, definitely outweigh your average biccie (read: almost as big as your face). Choose from three choc-filled mainstays or if fate is kind, one of their limited-edition creations—apple crumble, Nutella donut and lemon cream shortcake are just some of the epic flavours they've cooked up in the past. Many of you rate these beauties because they're cruelty-free, while Brodie simply says: have you had them yet? They're perfect.

Sugar and Tempt


With a name like Sugar and Tempt, you know these cookies are gonna be good. Bloody good's probably more accurate, with theirs again inspired by the classic NYC-style cookie and that means chunky, soft-centred, and altogether addictive. Tina agrees, saying that the texture, quality and flavour of these cookies is unbeatable and unique. Sugar and Tempt runs strictly as a pop-up (and an extremely popular one we might add, having sold more than 1000 cookies at their very first), where you'll come across flavours like chocolate chip and walnut, gooey Biscoff, and gingerbread and caramelised white chocolate. Be sure to keep your eyes on their socials to see where they'll be next.

Four flavours of cookie pie from Oh My Dough.Oh My Dough


Oh My Dough is another business cashing in on the amazingness that is the cookie pie, and you guys are absolutely loving it (according to Ethan, there is literally no competition when it comes to these cookie pies). These bad boys are hands-down some of the most 'Grammable around, and more importantly, they're downright delicious—thick, buttery, and stuffed to the brim with drool-worthy fillings (you can just taste the love and care that's put into them, says Rachael). Most surprising of all is the fact that Oh My Dough has only been in business since late last year, but with options like salted chocolate chip, timtam, Biscoff, squiggle, and caramel snickerdoodle, this was always going to be a success story. N.B: Oh My Dough is taking a wee break to re-locate, but will be back in action from mid-March.

A selection of gorgeous looking cookies from MonstR.MonstR Cookies


Hands up if you like the sound of ½ pound cookies (if you're up to speed with your cookie arithmetic, you'll know that's some SERIOUSLY heavy treats). Because that's exactly what you can expect from MonstR Cookies, whose biccies are also punching above their weight when it comes to ingredients (quality, free-range and NZ-made) and flavours. The smashed unicorn and red velvet are delicious, but the Oreo caramel bomb is where it's really at, featuring an Oreo-laced cookie dough, caramel centre, and crushed Oreos on top. In short, they're massive and taste phenomenal says Aidan—what more could you possibly want?

Kookie Haus

Ranui and Online

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Probably us, if the jar's filled with cookies from Kookie Haus. These guys make some of the best biccies around—including those of the keto variety—and have introduced us to a number of noteworthy treats over the years. Amongst these are their trademark kookie dough sandwiches (soft, chewy cookies in an array of fun flavours, joined together with beautifully creamy cookie dough) and a Caramilk-inspired 'mallowpuff'. Rowan recommends the Ferrero kookie dough sandwich (so soft and fudgy), while Claire raves that there's so much variety and out of this world flavours that she's never had anything like these before. Want more good news? You don't even have to leave your house to enjoy them, with Auckland-wide delivery available.

Gluten friendly orange chocolate fish choc chip cookies from Pt. Chev Cookies.Pt. Chev Cookies

Online And In-store At Farro

If weeping tears of joy was an acceptable form of food critique, we would have done it the first time we ever tried a cookie from Pt. Chev Cookies. We have their salted caramel cookie to thank—a sweet and chewy little number baked in the Canadian style, with just the right amount of salt to make it interesting. This of course had us curious to try more, and try more we did: the triple chocolate, the chocolate chunk, the gluten-free orange chocolate fish and chocolate chip (topped with one of those sweet choccy fishes with the orange face and tail you'd get from the dairy as a kid)... And we're not alone, you guys also really rate them. Simmms says they are cookies made right and Jackie likes that they use quality ingredients made with love, while the French brioche toast flavour comes highly recommended by JP. Find them by the tub online, or in both single and tub form from Farro. P.S. A little birdie told us they also do cookies for dogs, woof!

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

Orakei, Manukau And Online

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar's cookies are the stuff of local legend, and rightfully so. These babies come in a range of delicious mainstays (think Oreo marshmallow, black forest and cinnamon donut), as well as the occasional but always epic limited-edition offering (hellooo giant mallowpuff). Get them fresh out of the oven from Orakei or Manukau, or if you're feeling especially gluttonous, have them delivered direct to your door (select items only). Soph says she loves these cookies because they are suuuuper fresh, while Urvi has just one word: butter! For the ultimate cookie munching sesh, you can't go past their gigantic Caramilk cookie pie—a hybrid creation that takes their signature Moustache cookie dough and wraps it around a lush Caramilk centre (supposedly feeding up to 12 people, but in our case, just the one).

Honourable Mention

Cookie Dough Collective | Online And In-Store At Farro

Cookie dough is where all good cookies start, so with that said, we're giving our mates at Cookie Dough Collective a well-deserved shout-out. These guys sell cookie dough you can eat straight from the container, or shape and bake into cookies proper, with flavours like birthday cake, cookies and cream and of course, classic choc chip all doing the rounds. There's even a vegan option loaded with chunks of Whittaker's chocolate.

All that talk of sugar got you hankering after something savoury? Best check out Auckland's 10 Absolute Best Dumplings, According To You.

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