Here Are 9 Cool Things You Can Get Delivered To Your Door That Aren’t Groceries

By Kathryn Steane
1st Mar 2021

Jelly from The Jellyologist

We're pretty blessed here in NZ to get groceries—and even alcohol—delivered direct to our door, despite being in the midst of a(nother) lockdown. But after a bit of digging, we've discovered there's actually a number of other sweet products you can score online, that aren't milk, bread... or gin. Here are a few of our faves so far that can be delivered to your door anywhere in New Zealand.

Face And Body Treats From The Bonbon Factory

We love how Bonbon are currently pooling their resources to make their own hand and trolley sanitizer, however we fell for this local body-care brand long before COVID-19 hit. Their goodies—which you've probably seen for sale in Farmers—are PETA approved, 100% vegan and cruelty-free; and come in a range of delicious offerings that probably sound more like something you'd find in a candy shop. We're talking popcorn lip balm, birthday cake body mousse and rose berry deodorant, all wrapped up in some equally sweet packaging.

ToothcrushEco-Friendly Toothbrushes From Toothcrush

Looking after ourselves during these crazy times is super important, and that includes our smile. Keep those pearly whites in mint condition with Toothcrush, a new eco toothbrush subscription service from two local ladies on a mish to reduce the waste produced by dental products. Sign up to one of their subs and get a set of stylish bamboo toothbrushes for you and your household every 2-3 months. And did we mention delivery is free? Yip, we're crushing (brushing?) on these guys big time.

Goodies From Hemp Farm

Hemp's become big business in recent years, thanks to its amazing health benefits. We don't know about you, but investing in our wellbeing is something we're all over at the minute, so we're keen to jump onboard the bud bandwagon and see for ourselves what all the fuss is about. Hemp Farm is the perfect place to start our hemp adventure, having supplied Kiwis with quality hemp seed products like oil, capsules, protein powder, hemp hearts and skincare (including a legit-sounding cleanser with frankincense) since 2008. They even sell a milk made from hemp seed and oats.

CaliWoodsSustainable Homewares From CaliWoods

Channel your inner Marie Kondo (we know she's in there...) and grab yourself a couple of handy household gadgets from CaliWoods. These guys have a whole raft of sustainable goodies to help you streamline your home, and instil new habits around the house that will last long after the lockdown ends. From coconut wood cutlery through to reusable bread bags and stainless steel drinking straws (including a beautiful rose gold version), you'll have great fun trawling this eco-friendly paradise. We'd also like to give a virtual thumbs-up to CaliWoods founder Shay Lawrence, who's started up a Sustainability In Hibernation series whereby she shares her tips on how to stay “safe, sane and sustainable” throughout the lockdown.

Designer Face Masks 

Ok, so this lockdown is not our first rodeo and it's likely you have a mask to hand should you need to go shopping or on public transport, but if you've been relying on those one-use face masks then it's time to up your mask game. A whole host of Kiwi and international companies have been making reusable face masks since March 2020 in a variety of designs and fabrics (silk mask anyone?). From masks that have been made from recycled ocean plastic to double layer organic hemp and everything between, we're confident that you'll find your goldilocks mask from one of the great companies we've uncovered right here to help you make the right choice for yourself and the planet.

Feijoa Jelly kit from the Jellyologist.Jelly Kits From The Jellyologist

Ditch the flour and baking powder and level up your kitchen game with one of the Jellyologist's epic jelly kits. Combining our childhood love of this wobbly treat with gourmet flavours like Nan's Pavlova, Feijoa & Apple and Chocolate Lamington that are free of artificial colours and preservatives, this is “jelly, all grown up”. Each kit contains everything you need to make yourself a batch of these next-level desserts, including cone-shaped moulds and garnishes. Available in three fun flavour combos, for $40 each.

Manuka Face And Bodycare From Melora

Taking care of numero uno has never been more important, so with that in mind we're making a beeline straight for Melora's new Double Action Manuka Honey & Oil range. Dripping in nutrient-rich manuka—a powerful ingredient that's been used in traditional medicine for centuries—these products are perfect for those with sensitive skin, and come in everything from facewash and moisturiser, through to mouthwash, deodorant and toothpaste. Plus, the manuka is ethically and sustainably sourced—a movement we're always keen to get behind.

A cast-iron skillet dish with appetising chicken and lemon on a tabletop.

A Cast Iron Skillet From The Ironclad Pan Co.

Lockdown has been a great opportunity to brush up on our cooking skills. However if you're looking to extend your repertoire beyond banana bread (delish as it may be), consider investing in a beautifully crafted cast iron skillet from The Ironclad Pan Co. The only locally-made pan of its kind, this precious piece of cookware is designed to last long after your bubble's popped—up to 100 years in fact (a guarantee you'll find branded onto its base). And because these skillets are sustainably made, they're good for the planet, too. The Ironclad Pan Co. are kindly offering Urban Listers an exclusive 10% discount on their pans—simply enter the code URBANLIST10 at the checkout. Sold!

Organic Tea From Libertine Blends

Libertine Blends will help you keep calm and carry on amidst the madness, with their delicious collection of organic teas; some of which come with some rather timely quotes splashed across the front (Carpe Diem, and Breathe it all in, ohm it all out). We know you're going to love these blends just as much as we do—our personal faves include Runaway Rose (with elderflower, rose, lavender and vanilla) and Minty Ohm (mint, manuka, lemon balm and rosemary)—so crank out the fine china and get those pinkies uppp.

Now for that sweet tooth—here are oodles of drool-worthy treats you can get delivered to your door.

Image credit: The Ironclad Pan Co, Toothcrush, CaliWoods, The Jellyologist, The Ironclad Pan Co

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