The Best New Zealand Made Dog Treats For Rewarding Good Pups

By Alice Rich

A dog in a party hat tears into his birthday cake from The Bakuterie Box, one of the best NZ-made dog treats in New Zealand.

When your doggo’s done the mahi, they ought to get the treats. But not just any treats, your canine’s deserving of only the best. To help you out we have, of course, toiled to bring you an Urban List-approved roundup of all the best treats for rewarding your pooch, most of which are, delightfully, made right here in Aotearoa. 

Here are the best dog treats in New Zealand for good pups. 

Dog Doughnuts & Pupcakes

The Barkuterie Box

A big pup goes for a doughnut from The Barkuterie Box, one of the best NZ-made dog treats around.
Image credit: The Barkuterie Box | Facebook

Your pup only needs to run amuck in your kitchen once to realise cake’s a bit of a dog magnet. And while cake is the last thing a dog’s digestive system needs, there is a way your canine can get their jaws around the festivities without having to pay the price later.

Enter: The Barkuterie Box. With dog-friendly cakes, doughnuts, cake toppers, and pupcakes, it’s a dog’s dessert dream that's so ‘Gram-worthy, you’ll need to fend off the humans. 

Personalised Bones & Dog Cookies

Good Boy Bakery 

A schnauzer looks jubilant as it nibbles on a green, leaf-shaped cookie from Good Boy Bakery, one of the best NZ dog treat brands.
Image credit: Good Boy Bakery | Facebook

If you’ve got more than one doggo in the house you might like to order some personalised bones so everyone gets their fill, and only their fill. The jury’s out on whether naming bones will actually stop a hungry pup from gobbling down everything in its wake but they’ll sure look cute.

The folks at Good Boy Bakery also do a gorgeous dog cookie range too, all of which are assured to put a smile on your dog’s dial—every recipe must earn the approval of Chief Tasting Officer (and golden retriever), Leo. 

Dog Ice Cream

Scoop Dogs

A golden lab licks its snoot after monstering a pint of Scoop Dogs ice cream.
Image credit: Scoop Dog | Facebook

We all know ice cream’s an all-year-round food (if anybody’s told you it’s strictly for summer they’re wrong) and now, thanks to Scoop Dogs, your pup can get in on the action too. Treat your doggo to bacon, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter or bubblegum-spiked ‘barkday’ ice cream and they’ll be smitten. Scoop Dogs’ ice cream is made with New Zealand goat's milk and honey. Just add hot water, whisk, and then freeze until your pup’s ready to feast. 

Pet Fetti


Bella The Beautiful Spitz is poised to tuck into a Halloween-themed meal topped with PetFetti.
Image credit: Tandem | Facebook

A trio of dachshunds, two with intervertebral disc disease and one with anxiety (bless!), inspired Tandem which is a pet food company informed by rigorous research. They create superfood powders designed to help dogs and cats living with everything from allergies and dental health issues to joint and thyroid complaints. They also do Pet Fetti, pet treat sprinkles made with lamb, venison or veggies (depending on the blend) to add a health boost to any meal. It’s a shake of something a little bit fancy. 

Natural Dog Treats

Wild At Heart

A pug sniffs a packet of Wild At Heart dog treats expectantly.
Image credit: Wild at Heart | Facebook

Every dog is a little bit wolf (yes, even the chihuahuas) so sometimes the best treats are the ones inspired by the great outdoors, which is precisely what Wild at Heart is all about. Their dog treats are organically shaped, health-packed, and air-dried.

Beef liver provides protein, vitamins, and minerals; lamb lung is rich in essentials like iron, zinc, and B12; and lamb and cheese provide all that and more. Lightweight and healthy, these are the perfect trail treat for an adventurous pup.  

Peanut Butter Treats

Mutt Butter

Two hounds devour a packet of Mutt Butter (one of the best dog treats) with zeal.
Image credit: Mutt Butter | Facebook

Let’s just start by saying ‘Mutt Butter’ has got to be one of the best value dog treat names out there. And then let’s chase that by saying if your pup isn’t into this stuff, you’ve got to right that wrong, stat.

Available three ways—in a squeezy peanut butter pouch, as dog treat cookies (with pumpkin and chia seed for the posh pooch), and as carob-coated peanuts—you might just have to snag the whole collection. Legit.

Purple Dog Bones

Eco Treats

Adorable mini bone treats in three colour ways, including one in striking purple by Eco Treats, one of the best dog treat brands.
Image credit: Eco Treats | Facebook

Get the party started for your pupper with vibrant dog treats. Serving a striking purple hue, these bone-shaped apple, beetroot, and cinnamon treats are made here in Aotearoa out of all-natural ingredients. Free from added sugar, salt, and preservatives, the bangin’ bones are a refreshing aesthetic, plus they come in reusable, recyclable packaging. Score. 

Butchers Superior Cuts 7 Day Dog Chew Treats

Via Animates

A bag of dog chews for the pup that loves the simple things in life.
Image credit: Animates | website

Sometimes Fido isn’t so concerned about that fancy life and will be happily content with something more stripped back and natural like these top-tier Butchers Superior Cuts Chew Treats by Animates. Available in a seven-pack to keep things interesting (without getting frivolous) your pup will be sorted for the week ahead. Score. 

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Main image credit: Mutt Butter | Facebook

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