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Keep It On The Down Low, We’ve Found The Best Hidden Picnic Spots In And Around Auckland

By Tennille Ziegler
10th Dec 2020

Short on cash? Trying to light the spark with a loved one? Or perhaps you just wanna have a picnic in peace?  Whether it’s the former, the latter, or something in between, we agree that picnics are one of the best combinations of good food and views that life has to offer. We’ve already brought you the best places to eat al fresco in this fair city of ours but sometimes you’d prefer something a little more…private.  

And so, (and we hope you’ll forgive us if we give up your secret spot) we’ve decided to spill the beans and reveal hidden picnic spots in and around Auckland that we know you’ll love.

Lake Wainamu


Head out West for the day and have a picnic around Lake Wainamu. It’s a beautiful location and it even has a few rocks to jump off into the lake. Take in the picturesque hills and enjoy the black sand dunes.

Halls Beach Reserve

Northcote Point

Visit Northcote Point for a secret picnic at Halls Beach Reserve. Just around the corner from Little Shoal Bay, you can set up your blanket on the grassy reserve and look out to the ocean.

Basque Park

Eden Terrace

For inner-city dwellers, it can be tough to find a quiet space to clear your head and enjoy a meal or two. Enter Basque Park in Eden Terrace. Spread your blanket on the grass, enjoy the water feature and unwind after that busy day of work.

Wattle Farm Reserve

Wattle Downs

Head South and escape to this hidden spot near Manurewa. Wattle Farm Reserve has plenty of walkways around the peninsular that extends out to the Manukau Harbour. Find a lil pozzie for your picnic crew and bring your binoculars to spy on the birds hanging out in the wetlands and ponds.

Dove-Myer Robinson Park


City slickers, avoid the terrible Auckland traffic and enjoy a lovely picnic in Parnell. Dove-Myer Robinson Park, also known as the Parnell Rose Garden is a picture-perfect place to have your picnic. Home to 5000 rose bushes, you’ll feel like you’re in a romantic film as you enjoy the colour and scents.

Coyle Park

Point Chevalier

Visit Coyle Park in Point Chevalier to enjoy a picnic with your loved one. This spot provides a lovely view to watch the sun set over Auckland, no matter what time of year—and there’s a playground if you’ve got little sprogs in tow.

The Pumphouse


Everyone on the Shore knows Lake Pupuke, but not so many know about The Pumphouse. Home to a (pretty cool) theatre and some deadly swans, The Pumphouse is a pretty cool spot to have a picnic—although make sure you don’t go during swan breeding season, because things can get messy.

Ambury Park

Mangere Bridge

Watch some farm animals stroll about while enjoying your picnic at Ambury Park. The park fronts Manukau Harbour and has some basalt lava flows if you want a bit of a geology lesson. Spy some sheep, shorebirds, goats, cows, pigs, chicken and an elusive peacock.

Gumdiggers Trail

Murrays Bay

Gumdiggers trail is set between Murray’s Bay and Rothesay Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. Start at the foot of Murray’s Bay Wharf and take a stroll along the walkway, where you’ll enjoy the sounds of nature, and find an epic viewing spot looking out to the water. There are plenty of places to stop and have a picnic along this track when the tide's out, or you can always set up at one of the beaches at the end of your stroll. 

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Image credit: Lake Wainamu by Ian Rushton 

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