Treat Mum With These Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By Holly Shin
19th Apr 2021

A collage of images showing some contenders for your perfect mothers day gift.

Mother's Day is just around the corner (9th of May if you're wondering) and boy, does she deserve something a little bit special this year! There are no lockdown excuses this year for last-minute deliveries, so make sure you pick out something you know she'll love to say thank you to the one who birthed and/or raised you!

A pink and floral blanket draped over a sofa.

Adairs Dusty Pink & Floral Weighted Throw

PRICE: $179.99

If you made your mum pull her hair out both literally and figuratively growing up, here's the perfect gift to help her recover from the traumatic experience of raising you. This floral weighted throw from Adairs will help calm her body, improve her Sunday afternoon naps and bring a little bit more peace into her life. It's like a warm hug from you, even when you're not there – she'll just love it.

A light blush pair of pink silk socks

LA Tribe Silk Socks 

PRICE: $29.90

We know what you're thinking but hear us out. These are no ordinary socks, these are socks made from 85% silk and 15% cashmere which will add the ultimate touch of luxury to her every day. They'll keep her toes toasty under her classic mum boots this winter (you know, the practical leather knee-high pair she's had since 2008) and come in blush, oat and vanilla shades.

A set of brass cutlery with pink marble handles

Kip & Co Pink Marble Cutlery Set


A classic mum loves a classic home gift, but this one has the perfect pink marble twist. This pink marble cutlery set has gorgeous brass heads that complement those ice cream-pink swirls perfectly. Designed in Melbourne, this set is sure to go down a treat and she'll be able to show it off next time she invites her BFF around for a casual wine-and-dine at home.

A helicopter parked on grass outside Mudbrick Winery

Mudbrick Helitranz Package

Price: POA

Pool for Mother's Day budget with your siblings for this amazing experience. If your mum is more of a quality time love language than gifts, you have got to book her and a plus one *cough* yourself *cough* in for this amazing Helicopter + Mudbrick package. Leaving from Albany, she'll fly over the iconic Rangitoto Island to a three-course lunch or dinner waiting at the stunning Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island, complete with a glass of bubbles. This will surely give her a Mother's Day she won't forget.


a black sketch-style art print in soap

Awesome Soaps Art

Price: $69.99

Mums are unique, so give yours a gift that's equally as unique like this art piece made from soap. A New Zealand pastry chef-turned-soap-art-creator has hand-selected gorgeous prints from around the world to turn into hangable artwork made completely from soap (to be hung, not used). We love the above piece by Colombian fashion designer Santiago Herrera, framed in a cake rack for easy hanging anywhere in the house.

A posy of blue hydrangeas and flowers from wild poppies alongside some small gifts

Violets Are Blue Wild Poppies Gift

Price: $189

You can never go wrong with flowers, and when those flowers come with a few designer gifts you can't get more right. This designer gift collection is the perfect combo from Wild Poppies, with a  sweet posy in a ceramic pot, luscious hand cream from Ashley & Co, a mini Ecoya candle, some sweet treats and tea from Harney & Sons.

A card with the words Love you mum, from your favourite.

Made Paper Co Mother's Day Card

Price: $6.95

So you've got the perfect gift sorted, but now you need the perfect card. Never fear, we've found one for you. Not only can you fill the card with words of love and appreciation, but you're also giving yourself a chance to assert your dominance over your siblings in the pecking order. Mum's love words of affirmation and appreciation, so don't forget to write her a truly heartfelt message (she might even tear up a wee bit, so bring tissues in case.)

An orange facial oil in a rectangular glass bottle set amongst rose petalsSoothing Facial Oil  

Price: $54.99

We won't beat around the bush – chances are if you're reading this article your mum's getting up there in years and age has no mercy on skin, especially with years of our harsh New Zealand sun. Treat her skin to this soothing face oil from Bopo Women, full of nourishing ingredients like rosehip, sweet almond oil and Ylang Ylang. She'll feel its luxurious oils moisturise, detoxify and calm any inflammation she may be experiencing, plus the bottle design gets a 10/10 from us.

Four plastic tubs of cookie dough in different flavours on a pink background

Cookie Dough Collective Favourites Pack

Price: $45

This one is for the sweet-tooth mums out there, the mums who can't resist a wee bit of choccy (or maybe a whole block). The Cookie Dough Collective's Dough-Mania Favourites pack comes with four tubs of the ultimate treat she can eat straight from the tub (or bake in the oven, if she has the patience). We love the sound of Caramel Chunk, which is a classic cookie dough filled with chunks of Caramilk chocolate and complete with a caramel swirl. Eat first, and apologise to your pancreas later.

A natural-toned botanical housecoat.

Giardino Housecoat

Price: $137

2021 is the year of the housecoat, perfect for short stays in Level 3, relaxing weekends at home and general mum duties. This natural-toned botanical housecoat from Bianca Lorenne is the perfect combo of linen and cotton for mum to slip on and level up her at-home fashion. The best thing? It's classy enough she can answer the door wearing it any time of the day, or have friends over for a morning coffee catch up before she hits her Saturday to-do list.

BLUNT x Kelly Thompson


Blunt has done it again with their latest dreamy collaboration. Working with botanical illustrator Kelly Thompson, their latest release of umbrellas will bring some spring cheer to your mum's winter. We love this metro umbrella, with salmon pink florals and fungi for the ultimate touch of whimsy. The perfect gift for a mum who's a little bit quirky and needs a sturdy umbrella to get around on rainy days.

Cocktail kit featuring rhubarb and a special Black Pineapple cocktail mixBlack Pineapple Co's R.A.P-Sody Kit

Price: $59

Some mums love chocolate in the evening, others love a good drink to unwind at the end of the week. Black Pineapple Co has released this delicious cocktail kit in time for Mother's Day, combining the tasty bittersweet Aperol with classy Pineaux des Charentes and sweet rhubarb syrup for the perfect tipple. It's sophisticated, delicious, and most important of all, alcohol - sometimes mother's need to take a moment and unwind, too.

A collection of gifts for mum from father rabbit

Father Rabbit Gift Box

Price: Up to you

Can't decide what to get her, even after scrolling through our gift guide? Father Rabbit has the perfect answer: a customisable gift box that you can fill with all sorts of goodies. Add delicate earrings, fragrant soaps, and even classy hair products to curate your own box of delights for your mummy-dearest. You can choose 4-6 items from a wide selection to complete your box, so there's bound to be a few things in there she'll love.

Two cards showing off what you can fund through world vision on behalf of mum

World Vision Smiles Gift

Price: $10-$840

If your mum is of the charitable kind, World Vision has a range of gifts you can buy on behalf of your mum to give to those in need through their Smiles program. From emergency food to homeschooling packs, money to kickstart businesses for women and so much more, there’s a World Vision Smiles gift for every mum. Plus, once you've picked out a gift for her, they'll send you a limited-edition Mother's Day card showcasing what you've chosen!

Need more gift ideas? Here's a list of the best gift deliveries you can shop online for in New Zealand.

Image credit: Collage by Dom Lonsdale, Adairs, LA Tribe, Kip & Co, Helitranz, Awesome Soaps, Wild Poppies, Made Paper Co, Shut The Front Door, Cookie Dough Collective, Bianca Lorenne, BLUNT, Black Pineapple Co, Father Rabbit, World Vision New Zealand.

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