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9 Ways To Get Fit Without Joining A Gym

The crowds, the fees, all those mirrors…joining the gym can be an overwhelming experience for many. If you’ve tried to become a… Read More +

10 Tips For Exercising When You Don’t Have Time

We understand it when you say you don’t have time (we say it all the time, too) but fitness is a lifestyle choice…it’s… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Places To Exercise And Get Fit

When it comes to getting fit in Auckland, locals are super-lucky because not only do we have plenty of spaces to exercise outdoors,… Read More +

Health Dummy | We Try Swing Dancing

“Honey, I’m going swinging.” Unfortunately for my S.O, I like winding him up (teehee) and those four words definitely did… Read More +

Is Swimming The New Running?

It’s that time of year for making resolutions and cutting back on the fork-to-face feasting. Your bod is begging you to get the heart… Read More +

Forget Hot Yoga: Auckland’s Getting A Hot Pilates Studio!

Hot yoga has been a thing in Auckland for quite some time, but now things are about to step up a notch with the arrival of RISE Hot Yoga… Read More +

How To Smash Your Workout Goals With Your Team

2017 was going to be YOUR year, wasn’t it? You were going to channel you inner Wonder Woman to run a marathon, squat 100kgs (goals)… Read More +

Stop Exercising, Start Training | We’ve Found Auckland’s Hottest New Workout

New year new you, huh? This year you’re going to run a marathon, master that pull-up and bench more than The Rock (you’ve so… Read More +

Where’s The Best Place To Work Out In Auckland?

There’s a lot we can’t live without: Our local drinking hole, our fave burger joint, that man down the road who makes… Read More +

The Exercise Room | The Verdict

I’m one of those cool kids (read: weirdos) who loves nothing more than checking out a new gym (or supermarket, for that matter). No… Read More +

The Only Workout Playlist You Need In Your Life

In need of some gym-spiration? You’ve come to the right place! Straight from our aptly named “let’s get sweaty”… Read More +

6 Hacks For Staying Fit This Winter

If these plummeting temperatures are making you want to curl up into a ball and never leave the duvet…we feel ya. You’re not… Read More +

Where To Exercise For Free In Auckland

We feel your pain…the old bank account won’t allow you to budget in the weekly Pilates, yoga and gym classes, all in the name… Read More +

9 Of The Best Fitness Apps For People Who Are Too Cheap To Pay For A Gym

These days, all it takes to turn your phone into a bona fide fitness coach is a double tap and swift download from the App Store. With the… Read More +

My Apple Watch Is Fat Shaming Me

I wouldn’t call myself an early adopter. I feel no desire to line up for two days to get the latest gadget that you can order online… Read More +

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Auckland’s Best Indoor Swimming Pools

Winter has arrived but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some H2O action. You may have to forego the salty seas for some… Read More +

Where To Play Social Sports In Auckland

Whether you’re ready to release that after work stress, get fit with your friends or just have some fun —yes, exercise can be… Read More +

Readers’ Choice: Auckland’s Best Places To Work Out

As much as we love stuffing our faces with everything delicious that Auckland has to offer, we also have to keep our fitness goals on the… Read More +

Health Dummy | We Learn To Fly At Trapeze

Having seen some stunning trapeze pics appearing on my Instagram feed recently and being the ever-curious exerciser, when Access Circus… Read More +

5 Ways To Love Running (Or Hate It Less)

I’m going to be honest with you. I hate running. I hate running so much that I won’t even run for a bus, even if I know it means… Read More +

10 Wellness Trends You’ll Be Seeing In 2018

Wellness—no longer a term reserved for the alternative health crew or fitness fanatics. In 2018 wellness is all about accessibility,… Read More +

The Best Yoga Poses For Toned Arms

Arms, like butts can be a a tricky old thing when it comes to working out. ‘What are the right exercises for a good level of lean… Read More +

We Reveal The Best Exercises Based On Your Star Sign

So you’re trying to get on the whole health and fitness buzz, but it just isn’t happening for you, huh? Gutted. You’ve… Read More +

The Best Running Routes In And Around Auckland

There’s nothing like a run in the sunshine to get you fit for summer. Hit two birds with one stone when you go for your run—get… Read More +

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Where To Play Mini Golf In Auckland

Although we may have reluctantly come to terms with the fact that we don’t possess the golfing prowess of Lydia Ko or Rory McIIroy, it… Read More +

Where To Buy Luxe Activewear In Auckland

Ahhh, remember the days when activewear was restricted to the gym or the studio? How did we get along?! Thank God for the athleisure trend,… Read More +

Muscle Beach Is Coming To Mission Bay

You probably thought Mission Bay had it all by now—a great selection of beachside restaurants, a sturdy park for the kids to roam (and… Read More +

Meet The Health Nut: Marysa Dalton

With health being the new wealth, Auckland's health and wellness scene is buzzing and we are loving it!   From the juice cleanse… Read More +

We Ran For The Oceans And Here’s What Happened

There’s not a lot that can get me out of bed before the sun’s up but somehow adidas have managed to do it not once, but twice… Read More +

8 Winter Workout Apps That Will Kick Your Chilly Ass Into Gear

The temperature is dropping, fast. Which makes getting up and going to the gym about as appealing as watching a pigeon orgy. But don’t… Read More +