Mark Wahlberg’s Burger Chain Is Coming To Auckland This Year

By Sammy Preston
2nd May 2022

A stack of burgers.

In a move that possibly no one saw coming—but then, it is 2022 and anything is possible—Mark Wahlberg is bringing his brassy American burger chain to New Zealand this year.

If you didn’t know that The Departed actor and Oscar nominee owned a slew of burger restaurants in the US, honestly, same—but let us catch you up. Called Wahlburgers, Marky Mark owns the chain along with his brothers Paul and Donnie, and, naturally, it was supported by a reality TV show of the same name, which ran for a whopping 10 seasons (not kidding). Wahlburgers first opened up shop in Hingham, Massachusetts, after licensing the name “Wahlburger” from Tom Wahls (if you’re getting vibes of The Founder, you could be on the right track here).

These days, there are around 50 Wahlburgers across the States, Europe, and Canada—and now, in partnership with United Cinemas, the Wahlberg brothers will be unleashing about 20 standalone restaurants in Australia and New Zealand, as well as some cinema complex outposts.

After opening their first outpost across the ditch in Sydney, Auckland is next on the hit list and will be located at the former Euro Restaurant and Coley & Punch venue on Princes Wharf. Happy days. 

If you’re wondering whether these burgers are a match for any one of the bloody epic stacks from Auckland’s homegrown burger scene—well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Wahlburgers is known for its hefty beef burgers, loaded tater tots, boozy shakes, and house beer. It also serves other uber American things like sloppy Joes, chilli mac and cheese, and a turkey burger, which means, if we're in for the same menu, it could be a li'l culture trip if nothing else. 

We'll let you know when an opening date for the 240-seat venue is in our sights.

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Image credit: Wahlburgers

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