Where To Get An Award-Winning Pie In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
27th Jul 2016

Where To Get An Award-Winning Pie In Auckland

There’s nothing Kiwis love more than biting into a piping hot pie. I mean, what’s not to love about flaky pastry encasing saucy fillings? Yup, a good pie will turn the darkest of days around and make you one happy pie-munching camper!

We take pies pretty seriously here in New Zealand. So much so, that we have an annual competition dedicated to the best pies in the country. We’re talking about the Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards.

Each pie is judged on four aspects: the pie’s top, base, filling and its baking properties. The panel of independent industry experts consider all the nitty gritty details such as its shape retention, the thickness of the base and the evenness of the bake. It’s a complex decision but someone’s gotta do it. Actually, 21 someone’s—including celebrity chef Mark Southon—ate their way through 5,200 pies. We hope they were wearing their stretchy pants.

And, from that whopping amount, we were stoked to see 13 of our fave Auckland bakeries and cafes take out titles. 

Without further ado, here’s where to find an award-winning pie in Auckland. Happy eating and remember…always blow on the pie!

Counties Bakery, Pukekohe: This bakery’s oozing steak and gravy creation deserves the gold medal it won—it’s divine!

Panmure Bakehouse, Panmure: You can’t go wrong with a classic mince and cheese pie. This spot serves one of the best in town—it also took home gold.  

Bakers Oven, Stanmore Bay: Their mushroom, bacon and cheese number won silver, while their potato top pie scored a highly commended. If you’ve got a sweet tooth on you, check out their bronze-winning apple pie.

Savans Bakery, Warkworth: These guys have a strong chicken and vegetable game with their perfectly crispy pie receiving a gold award.

Greenland Bakery & Café, Botany: Speaking of chicken and veges, there’s no shortage of these babies in Auckland. Greenland Bakery & Café in Botany has a silver-winning number. What’s more, their bacon and egg is also a silver winner.

Hillpark Bakery, Manurewa: Further south in Manurewa, this bakery also does a wicked chicken and vege offering. Their bacon and egg also deserves your attention.

Dairy Flat Bakery, Albany: Meanwhile, Dairy Flat Bakery will satisfy your fruit-pie craving. Their gold-winning sweet pastry pie is packed with a medley of blueberry, spiced apple and apricot.

Julia’s Bakery, Ellerslie: Mince and cheese pies are basically the food item of our nation. You can find some stellar silver award-winning pies at this Ellerslie bakery.

Corner Bakery, Hillsborough: Carbs on carbs—it’s our kinda thing. Corner Bakery make a cracker of a potato top pie.

Eurobake & Café, Kumeu: We’re all about that gravy. This Kumeu bakery knows the secret to a mighty fine mince and gravy pie.

Rushgreen Bakery & Café, Papakura: Vegos, get excited! The vegetarian pie of your dreams lives at this Papakura bakery. It’s chocka with carrot, peas and corn and needs to get in your belly.

Mairangi Bay Bakery, Mairangi Bay: Steak and cheese? Yes, please! Make your hungry way to Mairangi Bay for one of the best steak and cheese pies in Auckland.

Nana’s Bakery, Kingsland: Nana knows best! Pick up a mean mince and cheese from the hip ‘burb of Kingsland. 

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Image credit: Best Recipes 

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