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House of Hobby hosts some of Perth’s best workshops to get your creative juices flowing, from arts and crafts to sweet life skills that will definitely come in handy when you’re trying your hand at DIY interior design. If that doesn’t pique your interests, let’s add some free-flowing wine and champagne to the mix and get you fired up. Every booking includes all the materials you need to unleash your creativity, expert guidance and instructions, and of course, bottomless booze.

Owner Stephanie Gorton started House of Hobby as a little side hustle while she was still working in a full-time gig, but it took off so quickly that she was able to quit her corporate job to focus on this full time. The workshops are for ladies only—sorry gents—and the aim of the game is more to empower women to take some time out for themselves and try something new, rather than just to build a new skill. 

Steph teams up with other local lady legends for most of the workshops so she can spread the love far and wide among Perth's creative women.


You can also book tailored workshops for private events, just make sure you book early because each workshop has limited seating and they tend to fill up fast.

The latest class we're totally booking into is the Draw Your Fur-Baby Workshop on 4 August. Armed with your favourite pet picture, you'll be guided through the process of drawing your very own pet portrait learning all about composition and layout along the way. Book your spot now and start searching Instagram for your pet's best pic. 

Image credit: House of Hobby