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Make These 5 Easy Swaps To Get More Good On Your Plate

By Jaiden Bhaga

A collage featuring healthy cooking swaps to make and a person holding a carry bag.

With fad-diets and gimmicks finally a thing of the past, we've re-assessed what healthy eating means to us. And rather than waiting for the New Year's resolution we know won't stick, we're all about habits to get more good on your plate.

So to help us do just that, we've partnered with The Circle Awards People's Choice winner The Swag—an ingenious bag scientifically proven to keep produce fresh for over two weeks—to do the hard work for you in five easy kitchen swaps. 

But remember, it's all about balance—life's too short to cut out the Tim Tams completely. 

Swap Noodles For Zoodles

We were skeptical of this swap at first, but it's perhaps one of the easiest to make that doesn't compromise on flavour. Just pop your zucchini through a spiralizer, boil for one minute max and swap out in your favourite dish—we're talking spag bol, stir fry and even ramen. To keep your zucchini fresh and nutritious for over two weeks, be sure to pick up The Swag, a handy bag that locks in the goodness for longer. Cutting down on wastage with fewer trips to the shops? Yes please. 

Go Crazy For Quinoa

Dubbed one of the most nutritious foods on the planet by Healthline, quinoa is packed with fibre, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids—basically everything you could ask for in a grain. Spice things up in more ways than one with your next homemade curry and substitute the rice for quinoa, you'll hardly notice the difference. The trick to getting it fluffy is to use twice as much water as quinoa in your pot and cook uncovered until the all water is absorbed. Once absorbed, remove from the heat and cover to let the quinoa steam for five minutes—it's that easy. 

Slice Up Sourdough

If, like us, you're in a love affair with bread in its many shapes and forms, perhaps the easiest swap you can make is upgrading your regular loaf to an organic sourdough from your local bakery. Made from a starter, a fermented mix of flour and natural yeasts help the bread rise resulting in less bloating, thanks to the process breaking down gluten. If you spent lockdowns honing your baking skills, keep your hard work free of toxic plastic storage bags and containers, and instead opt for the newly improved Bread Swag bag, now with an additional international drawstring to reduce airflow and avoid sweating. 

Hand placing a loaf of bread into the Bread Swag

Pass The Veggie Chips

Don't be surprised if these end up becoming your new favourite snack for a night in watching Netflix. Forget your typical bag of crips and add beetroot, yams, parsnips and carrots to your cart on your next shop. The trick is to slice your veg of choice as thin as possible, we recommend using a mandoline slicer if you have one handy. Next, soak in ice-cold water for twenty minutes—to release starch, so they get crispy—drain, and pat try. Lather on olive oil and add your flavouring of choice—we opt for peri peri salt—and pop in an oven at roughly 150 degrees for 30 min, flipping halfway through. 

Get Around Frozen Grapes

No summer platter is complete without a bunch of grapes—and with the season fast approaching, why not pick up extra to pop in the freezer. So much more than the viral TikTok trend, the humble frozen grape is not to be overlooked when looking for an alternative to a sweet treat. Pro tip—if you like to keep your wine chilled, pop in a frozen grape instead of an ice cube to avoid your tipple getting diluted. 

Ready to get even more good on your plate? Keep your foods fresh for longer with The Swag. Ingenious produce bags, scientifically proven to keep fruit and veggies fresh, delicious and nutritious for longer. Shop the range here.

Design credit: Dom Lonsdale

Image credit: Supplied

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