Head West, WA Will Open Its Borders To NSW And Victoria Next Week

By Rick Stephens
1st Dec 2020

A bridge passing over a waterway in Perth CBD on a sunny day.

Today, the Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan announced that their borders will open to New South Wales and Victoria on Tuesday 8 December.

The news comes after McGowan’s public health care team advised that Victoria is considered a “low-risk” state after no community transmission in 28 days. New South Wales is trailing just behind, but if all goes to plan, the state should reach that same number by Friday 4 December.

Anyone from Victoria or New South Wales passing through Perth airport will have to undergo a few things before entering the state, including a health screen and temperature check. Authorities will also have the right to authorise a COVID-19 test if they feel necessary. 

Unlike some east coast states whose borders are open. Western Australia, and Perth specifically, has been without some public health measures like QR codes at restaurants and bars. With more people about to travel west, however, McGowan is reintroducing scanning for tracing purposes—not a bad compromise if it means we can take an interstate trip, right?

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Image credit: Josh Spires

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