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The Best Streets To See Christmas Lights In Sydney

By Natasha Gamra
11th Dec 2018

It's that time of year again to load up on eggnog, mince pies, Netflix binges of Love Actually and of course Christmas lights.

Here are the best streets to see Christmas lights in Sydney.




Hats off to the suburb that really gets amongst the Christmas spirit (seriously, there are more than just a few streets that jump on the colourful light bandwagon here). Expect neighbourhood vibes with food and drinks plus spontaneous visits from the big red man himself.

Faversham Crescent

Chipping Norton Christmas Lights

There are two houses around here that know how to whip up a Christmas bonanza bigger than the Griswold's (you’ll know them when you see them). These guys join forces to bring you an awesome light and music .

Mallee Street

Quakers Hill

This one’s a jaw-dropper. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a house looks like completely decked out and wrapped in Christmas lights, enter Mallee Street.

Elm Place

Constitution Hill

Lord have mercy on our light-searching souls, Elm Place is coming back (from last year’s twinkling antics) this year with brand new lights and a 3D Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower. 

Grebe Street

Erskine Park

It’s the one, the only, Erskine Park. In other words, this is the only amazing place with a mini rollercoaster and no, we’re not kidding. Expect all the Christmas shenanigans including Santa’s shed, dozens of inflatables, snow machines, laser displays, Christmas movies on the big screen, photo boards and sometimes, even free face painting.

Burwood Road


Feast your eyes on the most extra Christmas decorations, this side of Sydney will ever see. House number 191 Burwood Road has been home to 100,000 LED lights for the past 20 years. Plus, there’s always a Mr Whippy van parked right out front (score).


Lane Cove

Lane Cove Council definitely has their Christmas antics together, running a Light Up Lane Cove competition every year (so obviously, it’s going to be good). There’s no one street that showcases the best light display in the area because, well, they’re all impressive. Cue an-honest-to-god fairy light expedition. 

North Ryde

Pair your light-seeing with some dinner (and by dinner we mean ice-cream from the staple ice-cream van) around the streets of North Ryde. For serious wow factor, Schumack Street can’t be missed.

Borgnis Street 


This one’s a biggie. Think of it like this, would you go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower? The same goes for Borgnis Street during Christmas—missing this massive light display should be a crime. This attraction is huge, with epic glowing strips and stand-alone houses wrapped in colourful light displays. Plus this one is so big that they have three ice-cream vans and a sausage sizzle because you’ll need sustenance. And since you’re around here, Cambage Court is also worth your time.

Baulkham Hills

There’s a glorious and picturesque bunch of streets you should be trawling your way through in Baulkham Hills. We’re talking about Geraldine Avenue, Brokenwood Place, Marcel Place, Baulkham Hills Road and Juniper Place has a cute selection of homes who are all about the Chrissy spirit too.

Excelsior Avenue

Castle Hill

Make your way to Excelsior Avenue this month because trust us, you’ll want to see over 10,000 lights in action. There are surprise visits from Santa (you know, before the big day), inflatables, BBQs and a heap of special events sprinkled throughout the month and we’re all over this one. 


Cascade Christmas Lights

Mt Annan

Nothing can prepare you for the kaleidoscopic light overload at the Cascades, a local favourite (and soon to be yours if it’s not already). Charge those phone batteries because we guarantee you’ll be on the ‘Gram religiously.

Karne Street


There are singing Santas, polar bears, Frosty The Snowman and a light up Olaf (because why not?). Yep, you’ll find one of the biggest light shows in Sydney right here.


Check into Madrers Avenue and Souter Street all the shining Christmas decorations. With over 50,000 LED lights, a singing bear, reindeer and even a ferris wheel, you’ll wonder if you really found wonderland.


Avoca Street & Waratah Street


These two bright beauties decorate everything from fences to roofs and even the trees on the street (so you’ll basically feel like you're wandering through a magical wonderland).


St Mary’s Cathedral

As far as tradition goes, St Mary’s Cathedral never disappoints and every year it ends up being the beating heart of all surrounding light (and sound) shows. These lights start at 8.30pm every evening (following a choir at 7.30pm) and you’ll be happy to know they’re plating up Christmas-inspired churros and artisan gelato every day.

Pitt Street

Once again, Pitt Street Mall will light up underneath a canopy of Christmas trees. Expect thousands of LEDs and nothing short of an extravaganza of photo opportunities.

Martin Place

With a jewelled light installation, bring the group chat down to see thousands of LED lights along with festive decorations influenced by a Roman jeweller. These bad boys are lit up from 6pm every day and have a dessert bar, so that’s a big win in our books.

Here are all the best lunches happening on Christmas Day.

Image credit: James Baldwin

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