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12 Of The Best Flower Walks In And Around Sydney

By Jessica Best - 21 Oct 2017


Sydney, we know you’re a fiend for the flowers so you probably saw this one coming. Because flowers + spring = revolutionary. Expect everything from wild treks to romantic wanders because we have spared no hay fever-inducing gem (and we promise the sneezing will be worth it).

We’re bringing you the ultimate guide for exploring inner-city paradises, English country gardens, patches dedicated completely to succulents and a heap more lush spaces.

Here are 12 of the best flower walks to do in and around Sydney!

Fagan Park


It’s been coined as the ‘crown jewel’ of Hornsby-town and that’s definitely no exaggeration. Because eco gardens with 36 different types of fruits, a fairy garden (yep) and cute little cottages are always a win, right? Fagan Park is home to the Garden of Many Nations which is basically 10 hectares of pure #gardengoals. You’ll find 11 themed gardens including Japanese, Dutch, Chinese and Mediterranean.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Darling Harbour

If weeping willows, waterfalls, bamboo plants and a teahouse serving Chinese tea and dim sums sound like your idea of an absolute oasis (can confirm—it totally is), then you’ll probably want to spend an entire day at the Chinese Garden of Friendship. This secretive and lush sanctuary is has hidden pathways (seriously, these are some of Sydney’s best flower walks) and beautiful pavilions so bring a book (and your camera) and bunker down for the entire day.

Mount Tomah 

Blue Mountains

For an eternal spread of floral antics (we’re talking all the tulips and waratahs you could ever imagine), Mount Tomah is the one place you’ll be sure to satisfy those picturesque garden cravings. Pack a picnic and set off on a mini road trip to the bluey because there’s a heap of curated lawns and gardens to check off your list.

Nadgee Nature Reserve


Nadgee Nature Reserve has been preserved to the max so we can guarantee you’ll be blown away by how pristine this coastal landscape is. The Greenglade picnic area puts you in the midst of all the lushness while the Jewfish walk takes you through the forest to the edge of Wonboyn Lake. Summer brings in the most ‘gramworthy cream flowers like giant honey myrtles—plus a heap of people say this place reminds them of Thailand rather than the South Coast, just sayin’.

Oatley Park And Castle


Yep, much like the name suggests, Oatley Park has an actual castle and it’s everything you want it to be—made of stone swamped in greenery. A short flower-filled walk from the castle is little outlooks and spaces to have a picnic by the water and do a spot of fishing off the pier. Go on, you know you want to.

The Australian Botanic Gardens

Mount Annan

Think piers, ponds and pavilions. In other words, it’s really just downright pure perfection at The Australian Botanic Gardens. Around here, there are cute little goats roaming around (the secret way of controlling weeds around this bushland FYI) and some pretty glorious mountain bike trails to get around on. We suggest you bring your wheels and a helmet.

Swain Garden


This quaint garden has all the vibes of an English country garden and it’s super popular for fancy weddings and parties. You can thank the moss-covered cobblestone paths that are lush AF for that one. Plus, you’ll be stoked to know that a Sydney bookseller by the name of Mick transformed the bushland into a complete Azalea and rose-dotted dream 70 years ago and he did a damn good job of making this one of Sydney’s best spots to walk through flower gardens.

Muogamarra Nature Reserve


Muogamarra will give you an epic dose of kaleidoscopic wildflowers and the best part is, this incredible reserve is only a short drive out of Sydney. It’s equipped with wide-open lookouts and walking tracks that are way out of your phone’s reception reach, so it’s the perfect day getaway.

Wollongong Botanic Gardens


Just down the road at the base of Mount Keira, you’ll find the Wollongong Botanic Gardens. TBH it’s a little gem that often gets overlooked. This botanic beauty could quite possibly be the Sephora equivalent for plant lovers with a rainforest collection sourced from places like Illawarra, New Caledonia and Lord Howe. Plus a rose spread featuring a mix of different stems, a palm garden with more than 800 uncommon species and (our fave) a seriously cool succulent patch with plants from America and Africa. Oh yeah, this is one of Sydney’s best flower walks.

Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley

If you haven’t already ventured to the Hunter Valley for the floral shenanigans they have going on, here’s your little reminder to schedule that in. There’s a storybook garden, an Italian grotto, brokeback brumbies carved out of trees, a heap of fountains and statues. Plus, the ridiculously romantic lakes walk with cascading streams, white gazebos, African daisies and Daffodils.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Lavender Bay

Pretty much a human-sized fairy garden nestled into the North Shore, Wendy’s Secret Garden was created by Wendy Whiteley. Now, we’ll stop you right there, because if that name just rung a few bells it’s probably because she’s the wife of renowned Sydney artist Brett Whiteley who painted a heap of iconic Sydney Harbour pieces. In this picture-perfect nook, you’ll find Bangalow palms, figs, and Lillies with glimpses of the harbour between ferns. This one is definitely one of Sydney’s most picturesque nature walks.

Liverpool Plains Sunflower Farm

Liverpool Plains

With epic flower walks comes the rite-of-passage to run through a sea of sweet stuff. And not just any flowers, we're talking the big, bright, golden ones. There's no doubt frolicking through a sunflower field is on everyone's checklist so we're here to tell you that dream is within arms reach (more like a four-hour drive away but still). All you'll need to do is swing by the Liverpool Plains Visitor Info Centre and grab a map to find these beauts.

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Image credit: Aleksandr Eremin

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