Goreng Is Sydney’s New Secret Takeaway Making Fried Mi Goreng Doughnuts

By Jessica Best

mi goreng doughnuts stacked

It’s the official season of mi goreng feeds and it goes without saying that as the undisputed reigning champion of hangover cures and winter warmers, when there’s a new noodle creation making the rounds in our glorious city—it’s something to get very excited about.

Sydney has seen many a mi goreng innovation, whether it’s been the "Magic Mi Goreng" toastie from the CBD’s Dutch Smuggler, or the mi goreng Bloody Mary’s getting whipped up at Old Mate’s Place.

Now, you’ll want to draw your attention over to the very new and very secret fried mi goreng doughnuts, made to order and packed with drool-worthy crunch and umami flavours.

Dubbed GORENG, the concept is simple. Whenever you’re craving these crispy halos of goodness, all you have to do is jump on Instagram and DM GORENG your order, which you can then pick up from 187 Kent Street, Millers Point on Saturdays, from the legend behind it all, Larasati Soewandi.

“Having originally come from Indonesia, we wanted to bring back nostalgic memories through reinventing a childhood classic mi goreng into a modern-day drool-worthy bite of goodness,” says Soewandi. “In the same sense, our GORENG doughnut is a metaphorical celebration of salvation from the dark place we found ourselves in during COVID-19.”

After the passing of her mother, the loss of her tourism business and lifelong savings during COVID-19, as well as the need to support her father, the idea behind GORENG emerged as a side business. Orders are made with a family secret recipe after her hours at her family-run Pemberton Foods Cafe & Grocer in Botany.

At the moment, you can order two flavours of GORENG’s fried mi goreng doughnuts. The first is an OG, the second, a spicy and saucy twist called the “Flavourbomb”  for those who like a little more heat. You can nab packs of two for between $10 and $12 pending which poison you go for. Or go all-in for a pack of three which will set you back a cruisey $14. There are also future plans to get a truffle creation thrown into the mix.
“Our aim is to never be mundane,” says Soewandi. “We have a knack for continuous experimentation and we look forward to bringing our fellow food lovers endless possible flavour combinations. Watch this space!”

Head here for more on GORENG.

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Image credit: GORENG

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