How And Where To Vote, How To Vote Early And Where You Can Find A Democracy Sausage

By Simon Cassar
16th May 2022

A person putting sauce on a sausage.

We're rolling into the pointy end of the 2022 Federal election and it's time to cast your vote; whichever way you're swinging here's where to vote and how to vote early.

How To Vote 

Voting enrollment is well and truly over so if you missed that boat you're well out of luck. For eligible voters, you can head into any of these registered voting centres set up across New South Wales to submit your ballot. 

If you're unable to visit a voting centre, you can alternatively cast your vote by the post. See over here for more information. 

How To Vote Early 

Be it your schedule or simply not being able to make it on election day, you can vote early at select voting centres. You can find them over here

How To Find A Democracy Sausage 

Sometimes you've just got to marvel at the brilliance of humanity, some incredible human has established a crowd-sourced map of which voting centres have a sausage sizzle, cake stall and even coffee. Make sure you're getting the most out of your election day, check out the map here

To get all the information about the coming election head to the Australian Electoral Commission.

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Image credit: (Bunnings) 

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