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Igloo Bars Are Popping Up On Sydney Harbour!

By Ange Law - 25 May 2018

When it comes to winter, we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re a bit of a soft bunch. Once the mercury drops below 25 degrees, we’ll pretty much give life outside our cosy bed a big fat nope. That was, until now.

Because as of right now, there is a flock (just go with it) of igloo bars sitting pretty on the harbour’s edge and if that’s not reason enough to pull on the woollies and brave the cold, we don’t know what it. 

Just like last year, you can thank Pier One Sydney Harbour for the downright genius idea. And this time, not only have they erected a bunch of luxe AF igloos onto the pier, but there’s a hot tub igloo and they’ve even thrown one onto their suite’s balcony. Because you should be able to drink in an igloo in privacy, okay. 

These bad boys are launching tomorrow, on Friday 25 May (yes, just in time for Vivid) which means you better hop to choosing your package quick smart. Now, you have options. You can either choose the hot tub igloo which involves cocktails, champagne and a bit of privacy OR you can go all out. That’s where the Vivid Igloo Suite comes in. This one will see you and your mates booking into the Harbour View Balcony Suite where there’ll be an igloo awaiting your arrival on the balcony. Here, you’ll find cocktails, canapes and a magnum of Mumm Champagne, but choose wisely—only two of you can stay the night. 

If you want more details (which you do) or if you want to book ASAP (again, of course you do) head here

The Details

What: Igloos on the Pier
When: 25 May – 31 August
Where: Pier One Sydney Harbour
Cost: Varies, details here. 

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Image credit: Alana Dimou

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