Dance Around Lightning And Lasers At This Free Exhibition That’s All About Light

By Sammy Preston
29th Mar 2021

From sleeping and waking, to how we appreciate colours, drive cars, watch Netflix, and appreciate art—light completely defines how we see the world. Sometimes completely seamless, other times super awe-inspiring, light has the power to colour a moment, change a memory, or charge up a mood. 

A brand new exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery titled Lumen reflects on our relationship to light, “from the glow that illuminates to the glare that obscures”, what light shows us, what it doesn’t show us, the darkness, and the objects and ideas that are out of sight too.

Like all White Rabbit shows, Lumen draws from founder Judith Neilson’s totally amazing collection of Chinese contemporary art and is totally free to wander through.

Artworks selected for the show test the human experience of light. An installation called Mood Machine by digital artist and self-proclaimed "creative technologist" Wei Wei toys with the idea that machines have feelings. It's basically a striking display of coloured lightning set to specially composed electronic music that looks like an old school Nikola Tesla-style Van de Graaff generator.

Xu Zhongmin blurs Western philosophy and Buddhism in a dizzying display of giant spinning silver planets filled with marching skeletons called Egg Shape, Zhou Wendou's neon basketball hoops reflect on the glamorisation of sport, while thousands of twinkling pink and purple electronically controlled LED lights by LuxuryLogico will woo Christmas light fans and dazzle design fiends. 

For more info on Lumen, head over here

The Details

What: Lumen at White Rabbit Gallery
When: Until August 2021
Where: White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale

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Image credit: White Rabbit Gallery

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