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Prepare To Be Moved, A Brand New Multi-Sensory Monet Exhibition Is Coming To Sydney

By Sammy Preston
18th Feb 2021

Monet's Water Lilies projected onto screens for the Monet and Friends Grande Experiences exhibition.

Claude Monet is one of the most famous names in the world of art. He was a part of the crew that founded the French impressionist movement, was fascinated by light, colour and changing seasons, and really (really) loved to paint water lilies. His work is peppered throughout major art institutions all around the world, but sadly, none reside here in Sydney.

Come March, however, Grande Experiences will be giving Sydney a major dose of Monet.

The digital exhibition group is back after wowing the city with Van Gogh Alive—the moving multisensory exhibition that charted the tragic life and beautiful oeuvre of the ginger bearded Dutch master. It was a beguiling show and a totally new way to appreciate paintings and painters of the past, featuring fragrance, music, and some 3,000 enormous crystal clear images beamed across towering walls, floors, ceilings, and more.

Monet & Friends — Life, Light & Colour will follow the same super-scale immersive make-up. Instead of peering at canvases from afar in a hushed museum, you’ll plunge into the sights and sounds of 19th century Europe, this time soaking up the luminous green and blue of Monet’s lily ponds, the punchy red of his poppy fields, and the soft light of fading summertime in the French countryside.

As the exhibition's title suggests, Monet & Friends will also feature paintings from Monet’s Impressionist contemporaries, like Paul Cézanne’s pears, Edgar Degas’s ballerinas in blue tutus, and Camille Pissarro’s lamplit Montmartre Boulevard. And, as with Van Gogh Alive, the new exhibition will be accompanied by a period-appropriate scent (nutmeg, cypress, sandalwood) and music (Debussy and Chaikovsky) to really set the mood. 

Pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow at midday, Thursday 28 January.

Head here for more information.

The Details

What: Monet & Friends — Life, Light & Colour
When: From Friday 12 March, for a limited season
Where: Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park
Tickets: Pre-sale begins midday, Thursday 28 January here

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Image credit: Grande Experiences 

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