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Sculpture By The Sea Gallery

By Ellie Schneider
26th Oct 2013

Lucy Humphrey, Horizon

Staged along the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk, Sculpture by the Sea officially kicked off yesterday showcasing the world's largest outdoor collection of sculpture.

This year's exhibition features 106 works by 39 international artists, as well as Australian sculptors Ron Robertson-Swann and Ken Unsworth, and two works by acclaimed artist Bert Flugelman, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

For those of you who won't be able to make the exhibition in the flesh (which runs until November 10), or can't handle battling the crowds, our photographer was there to capture the first glimpse. Here are the highlights.

Alison McDonald, Flow

Bert Flugelman, Equestrian

Bert Flugelman, Semaphore

Bev Goodwin, Polyrock

Carl Billingsley, Red-Center

Carole Purnelle and Nuno Maya, Plastic World

Chen Wenling, Rainbow

Coral Collective, Coral

David McCracken, Diminish and Ascend

Elaine Barry Conway, Coming Soon

Elyssa Sykes Smith, A Shared Weight

Greer Taylor, Inclusion

Jörg Plickat, Encounter

Kathy Holowko, A Tale of Romance

Keizo Usho, Oushi Zokei

Ken Unsworth, There's Many A Slip 'Twixt The Cup and the Lip

Koichi Ishino, Sea Breeze

Lucy Barker, What Once Was

Maggie McFadyen and Griffen Lim, Time Frame

Marina DeBris, Aquarium of the Pacific Gyre

Matt Calvert, Girl Pointing

Michael Le Grand, Buttress

Michael Snape, Breach

Mikaela Castledine, East Of The Mulberry Tree The Legend Of The Ten Red Crows

Orest Keywan, Provincia Deserta

Paul Selwood, The Museum

Peter Lundberg, Returning to the Sea

Sihua Qian, Bubble No 5

Rebecca Rose, Look At Me

Richard Tipping, Start

Sally Kidall, Nomadic City Lest We Forget

Seung Hwan Kim, Organism

Silvia Tuccimei, Secret Passage

Toshio Iezumi, m.130901

Image credit: Anastasia Nielsen

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