Here’s How To Get This 1kg Pizza Burger Delivered To Your Door

By Jessica Best
30th Aug 2021

gooey pizza burger

Much like the age-old concept of the chicken or the egg, the battle between pizza fiends and burger enthusiasts has been enduring. That is, until now.

Sneakies Kitchen is a much-loved Homebush locale whipping up juicy stacks, loaded doughy goodness, and hey, even the odd acai bowl from time to time. Basically, the menu is an extensive food coma-inducing affair with burger towers, schnitzel baguettes, pasta, gelato shakes, pizza, and banquets.

While everything at Sneakies is worth a try, there is one particular creation that deserves a noteworthy mention and that looks like a cheesy 1kg pizza burger (which some people have estimated to be at least 10,000 calories). Normally, Sneakies Kitchen would have thrown down an eating challenge with this bad boy—if you can eat the entire burger within 15 minutes, you get your money back.

Now, the famous pizza burger is up for home delivery, which means you could be knocking back big bites of this monster feed sooner rather than later. The burger buns get put together with two cheese pizzas, then stuffed with four beef patties, two fried chicken pieces, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, Sneakies secret sauce, all served alongside a salty collection of fries and onion rings.

You can get the 1kg pizza burger delivered via Menulog here, or order from Sneakies Kitchen directly to pick-up.

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Image credit: Sneakies Kitchen

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