All The New Sydney Openings We’re Excited About This May

By Zoe Prieston - 02 May 2018

Paris may be the City of Lights, but Sydney is without a doubt the City of Bites. Known for our top notch foodie spots and, frankly, very delicious bakeries, this month’s popping out newbies left, right and centre.

Yep, we’re talking BBQ and grill joints, pastry shops, a seafood butcher, cultural cuisines and restaurants dedicated purely to fried chicken. Yes really. We wouldn’t lie to you about something so very serious. 

Sydney, it’s time to make room for your food baby, here are all the bangin’ new openings we’re excited about this May.

Staple Bread & Necessities


Staple Bread & Necessities is a tiny bakery tucked in Seaforth focusing purely on loaves of bread and croissant-style pastries. The dream, no? Staple’s award-winning loaf (AKA the country sourdough) will take you to literal bread heaven (trust us, that is an actual place), and after you discover their croissants, and for those a little more extra, chocolate croissants, you won’t want to leave. This bakery is only open Friday to Sunday, so get there quickly because this one’s the real MVP. 



Three things: BBQ, Wagyu and soju (unintentional rhyme, intentional tease). Market City’s brand new KOGI Korean BBQ blends these all together in one big bundle of Korean goodness so you’ll be in for their signature marinated beef spare ribs and classic Bibimbap and that’s just for starters. Because it’s a Korean BBQ  (did we mention that already) they’ve also got a bunch of premium cuts that are perfect for you to grill up on your personal BBQ. ‘Nuff said.   

LAB: The Bakery Café Experiment


If a Korean and European bakery had a baby, LAB would be it. This cultural fusion offers Pablo & Rusty’s coffee plus fresh fruit juices, alongside an Asian bakery that’s cooking fresh sweet and savoury rice cakes every day. We guarantee you right now that this is the only eatery that sells a huge selection of things filled with red-bean paste (the real stuff imported straight from Korea) and “fusion cakes” (taro or green tea flavoured European cakes, go see for yourself).

Ketchup Canteen

Kings Park

Originally selling famously delicious burgers out of a food truck, Ketchup Canteen has evolved into a chicken and burger brick and mortar—yes, we’re excited about it. KC’s addictive OG Southern-style fried chicken and thickshakes (so thic) will make you see Ketchup Canteen as a whole lot more than your average burger joint. If you’ve been letting your burger credentials slide lately, get yo’self to Kings Park ASAP. 

Gaku Robata Grill


What if we told you a ramen chef fused his Japanese recipes with French flavours? Well, we have real-life proof exactly that can happen and it has, right here in Sydney. Shimon Hanakura has opened a ramen restaurant infused with French influence which means our much-loved Japanese classics like karaage chicken, edamame and agedashi tofu are paired with ingredients like truffle and caviar because they’re #classy.



Complemented by its groovy retro design, Matinee’s menu boasts buttermilk fried chicken burgers and chocolate hazelnut brioche French toast with caramelised banana and buttermilk ricotta, and yessss. And If you’re down to spice up the flavour of your coffee, Matinee’s house-blend is brewed to taste like Neapolitan ice-cream and FYI, it’s aaaaamazing.

Fish Butchery


Have you ever heard of a fish butchery? If not, listen closely because Sydney now has one all of its very own. This is not just a fancy fish and chip shop (although they do serve up a mean version of one), it’s a seafood-styled butcher with a range of fish we’ve certainly never heard of. Owner, Josh Niland, cuts the seafood to order so it’s fresh AF and the fridge is filled with an abundance of Niland’s freshly smoked and cured produce such as octopus ham and swordfish bacon.


Crows Nest

Turka’s fusion of Middle Eastern and western foods is legit—so legit, in fact, the menu is packed with dishes by Head Chef Alex Buharali via his mum’s recipes, straight from Turkey. You get it? It’s goooood. The restaurant’s stone floors and Turkish-styled coloured glass light fixtures complement Turka’s twist on its classical menu. Basically, that means you’ll be feasting on things like tahini hummus, enginar (i.e. artichoke hearts) and izgara köfte (homemade and authentic meatballs). We’re still drooling over Turka’s homemade baklava, so do yourself a favour and order one of everything.

Four Brave Women

Summer Hill

Aptly named Four Brave Women, after the four nuns that founded the organsation after arriving in Australia by boat 155 years ago, this new Summer Hill locale is bringing a culture shock in the most delicious way to the Inner West’s already pumping restaurant scene. With Ethiopian breakfast and Iranian lunch and dinner, the rotating menu is delivering all of the choice you so rightly deserve. The eats will depend on who is behind the pans, with refugees from different cultures bringing their unique flavours to your plate. 

Wish Bone


Husband and wife duo, Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart (also known as the legends behind Hartsyard) have opened Wish Bone and fried chicken as the headline act. This Enmore eatery is serving quality and quick-service food, making it the perfect destination for a meal and a yarn. On the menu, you can find Llewellyn’s famous smoky fried chicken in its natural (perfect, may we add) form or as a Birdy Sando—a burger with guts. Chicken is not all you can expect, with poutine, and sides like mac ‘n’ cheese and creamed corn also making an appearance. Side note: slushies and thickshakes come virgin, with bourbon or tequila… we know which option we’d choose.

Every New Opening We Were Excited About In April



Woolloomooloo’s latest addition, Alibi, is an entirely plant-based restaurant and when carb-tastic offerings like burgers, tacos and lasagne are on the menu, how can you say no? That’s right, you can’t. On top of this, the tipple menu is all about indulging in guilty pleasures so get ready for an epic gin and tonic range, a beetroot mixture featuring chocolate and a ridiculously good concoction by the name of the Enchanted Forest. And yes, you’ll want to order up a dozen.


Surry Hills

This brand new neighbourhood gem, Mark + Vinny’s will be a little treasure trove for when you’re craving old-school pasta classics or some experimental takes for when you’re feeling more adventurous. We’re talking about vegan carbonara and all of the health-promoting ingredients thrown into (yep) pasta. And just so you know, the menu will feature a hefty and glorious list of over 50 spritz.

Bar Tapa


Sydney, you just scored a fresh Spanish tapas (AKA paella) bar you need to get there stat. Eating at Bar Tapa will basically feel like taking an exotic holiday where you can indulge in banderillas, patatas bravas, tostadas and embutidos (FYI these dishes haven’t been subjected to the mighty Aussie-touch #authentic). Plus, jamon hangs from the ceiling. Just ‘cause.

Nighthawk Diner


You know it as the American food diner on wheels and #woohoo this gem has just parked shop in Chippendale, home of all the best grubby and delicious feeds ever. Keeping with tradition, the menu here is short n’ sweet with nachos, sambos (the Cuban and fried chicken kind) and yah-huh, dessert too.

Redline Taphouse And Kitchen

Forest Lodge

You’ll definitely want to hang around here for breakfast, lunch and dinner but let’s just say that after the sun goes down, this place really comes alive. You’re in for local craft brews and classic cocktails, Americana feeds and just some damn solid and glorious service. All dishes are cooked from scratch including (and yes, we’re hinting you should try) the cider-braised pork cheeks. Just do it.



This Paddington newbie is serving up everything from lasagne (that’s actually worth ordering) to a Sicilian-style breakfast that’s more than a couple of pastries and a poorly made coffee. This place has a deli too and that’s where you’ll find hearty take-home meals, the requisite cold cuts, cheeses and pasta sauces. Basically, everything you need to cook up a Barbetta-quality meal at home.


Aloha Mate


As the name so perfectly suggests, Aloha Mate brings the tropical flavours of Hawaii straight to Aussie shores and just quietly (although it’s already been a hit over the summer) the power couple here have completely nailed it. The bowls (yes, we mean poké), juices and smoothies here are a complete kaleidoscope of deliciousness.

Pizza De Alfredo


The legends at Pizzeria De Alfredo really do make the real deal when it comes to cooking up a mean Neapolitan feed. Expect the famous thin, springy base and puffy crust mastered to a tee. Pizzas here are simple but you’ll also find metre-long beauties, a so-called ‘mystery pizza’ which is different every night and some extra menu options for anyone rolling into this joint who isn’t craving a doughy and delicious pizza feed (cue the moreish seafood linguini and the truffle polenta chips served with a four cheese sauce).

Manly Greenhouse | Now Opening In June 2018


Well Sydney, you’re getting another rooftop-beachfront bar and restaurant. Manly Greenhouse is squeezing into the place of the old Shore Club Hotel and FYI it’s going to take up three whole entire levels. The ground floor calls for coffee and pizza (just ‘coz), the second level means business for some serious charcoal grilled goodies and a cocktail bar featuring the ocean air and all the greenery will quite literally be the cherry on top. How’s that for some good karma?

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Ketchup Canteen & Barbetta | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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