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6 Stunning Sustainable Retreats To Try In NSW

By Sammy Preston
14th Jun 2019

Sustainable Escapes | Urban List Sydney

We all love a weekend getaway, far away from the grit and grind of the big smoke. But our trips and time out shouldn’t have to cost the Earth.

Here are some of the best sustainable escapes in NSW, just a short trip from Sydney (to lower your travel mileage and, in turn, your carbon footprint).

Paperbark Camp

Jervis Bay

Paperbark is one of Australia’s OG glamping experiences, pitched on a camp in the glorious wilderness of Jervis Bay. Sustainability has always been a part of their mandate, so while you’re enjoying an idyllic (and very comfortable) Aussie bush experience, you can rest assured knowing the environment around you has not suffered at your expense: these guys are the real deal.

Tents are solar powered and designed with shallow foundations and off the ground. Only biodegradable cleaning products are used, exotic species (non-natives) are regularly removed and guest vehicles are kept away from the camp.

Check it out and book a stay here.


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Coralie By Unyoked

Southern Highlands

The ethos at Unyoked is all about low-impact, essentials-only escapes—put simply: minimum footprint, maximum chill. This inspired start-up has six hidden cabins peppered across Victoria and NSW, and one of our favourites, Coralie, is only a little over 1.5 hours from Sydney.

Adventure is a part of the deal here too. You’ll be given coordinates (like, longitude and latitude) to locate the cabin the day before your stay as well as a couple of pointers—otherwise, you’re on your own as you descend into a lush, leafy valley, down a dirt track and into a grassy field. Hot tip: Arrive in the daylight, your iPhone torch will not suffice out here!

Book your stay here.


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Elizabeth Darcy by In2thewild

Hunter Valley Region

Also championing the tiny home, secluded and sustainable escape concept is this little gem by In2thewild. Pitched on a 100-acre block in the Hunter Valley about 90 minutes north of Sydney, this spot is solar powered, low-impact and pet-friendly. Be prepared to go off-grid—mobile signal is limited! Best part? There’s a fun wine bar not far away, as well as all of the Hunter’s epic wineries.

Book your stay here.

Billabong Cottage

Kangaroo Valley

Set on the blissful Crystal Creek Meadows property in Kangaroo Valley, Billabong Cottage is one of four sustainably-centred spots to escape your big city life. These guys have buddied up with a project called My Green Butler, which uses smart metering and big data to help accommodation providers offer environmentally friendly stays.

Fun fact: the legends at Crystal Creek Meadows use all the money they save from reduced energy and water bills to assist the conservation of brush-tailed rock wallabies and to look after injured and orphaned wombats.

Book your stay here

Worrowing Wilderness Hut

Jervis Bay

Pitched among towering gum, paperbark and ironbark trees on a 250-acre coastal farm property near Jervis Bay, this stunning self-contained cabin has been made from reclaimed timbers and corrugated iron. You’re also a stone's throw from the region’s natural wonders—Hyams Beach and Jervis Bay National Park.

Book your stay here.

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