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Best Dog-Friendly Walks In & Around Sydney

By Jessica Best - 13 Dec 2017


Between pup-acinos, an infinite number of dog-friendly cafes and every Sydney-sider’s predisposition to make their pooch instafamous, we’re pretty certain city dogs have it damn good.

To make things even better for our fluffy friends, we’re thinking they might like a little change from the staple Saturday morning Bondi to Bronte coastal walk (we’re sure they’ve sniffed one too many French Bulldog booties). Cue epic walking tracks with less athleisure sightings and more gullies, sticks and trees to pee on. 

Yep, your dog will totally be in ‘ruff’ with these, here are the best dog-friendly walks in Sydney!

Minnehaha Falls


Give your pooch a cascading track, a waterfall and endless amounts of sniffing opportunities and we’re pretty sure you’ll be dog-owner of the year. This walk has a tonne of native plants and dirt paths so Fido can really let loose (while on a leash) and enjoy himself. The Minnehaha Falls track isn’t long, but it is steep, so while your pup is lapping it up in the waterhole you can jump off the platform or take a ride on the rope swing.

Distance: 1.5km return
Difficulty: Moderate
Dog: Big sniffers and dogs that are good on their paws
Leash: Yes

Bidjigal Reserve: Burraga Loop Track

The Hills

Dogs love a good loop around (because life just makes sense going in circles, right?) so set up trek at the Bidjigal reserve and mosey onto the Burraga Track. It’ll take you and your fluffy pal a couple of hours because it’s decked out with all the bushland and rocks ever but hey, you’ll be crossing off your weekly (more like monthly) cardio sesh while your pup goes HAM on nature. 

Distance: 4km return
Difficulty: Moderate
Dog: Coordinated dogs (soz puggles)

Narrabeen Lagoon Bush Trail


Whether you want to take your pup for a scenic jog, a simultaneous walk and cycle, or just a good old fashioned flat walk, the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail is the perfect circuit to soak up all that natural serenity. And let’s face it, should you both work up a sweat, a SUP sesh in the lake is definitely in order post-walk to cool down. Just note that. 

Distance: 8.4km return
Difficulty: Easy
Dog: All fluffballs, even the special and slow ones
Leash: Yes

Clovelly To Maroubra

East Sydney

Kickstart this one at the Waverley Cemetery and wind your way past the eastern gems of Bronte, Gordon’s Bay, Clovelly and Coogee. Other than the marvellous fact that this is pretty much a constant butt-sniffing trail (your doggo will meet loads of other doggos), there’s also a bunch of off-leash spots including Trenerry Reserve, which means fetch is totally on the cards for Buster.

Distance: 7km 
Difficulty: Easy
Dog: Perfect for all pups 
Leash: Yes with off-leash spots

Wingello State Forest

Wingello, South Coast

Wingello State Forest is kind of a hotspot when it comes to biking, hiking and trust us, your pooch is going to love this terrain. There’s a bunch of tracks here which make for awesome walking trails with your four-legged friend because they’re surrounded by pine plantations and hardwood forest, plus you don’t even need to leash your dog up. On a side, you can also camp out here to really give your pup a treat.

Distance: Various tracks
Difficulty: Moderate
Dog: The athletic kind (handbag dogs are a no-no for this one)
Leash: No 

Abraham Bosom Track


This is a pretty popular track for anyone who’s a fiend for running, cycling and well, walking (obvs). You and your fluffball will be in for some major panoramic views of the ocean, plenty of beach stops, and there’s a even a super dog-friendly walk down to the wreck of S.S. Merimbula .

Distance: 9km
Difficulty: Moderate
Dog: All kinds of dogs are a go for this one
Leash: Yes

Two Creeks Track

Middle Harbour

Gullies, people, and lots of them. We all know the second best friend (next to you of course) for your doggo are all things ditches and gutters. Cue smells we didn’t even know existed and overall pupper excitement. This track was pretty much made for the pup race, packed with a sandstone pillar overhang, rocky waterfalls and grassy clearings.

Distance: 6.1km one way
Difficulty: Moderate
Dog: Any dog with solid walking experience
Leash: Yes

Bomaderry Creek Gorge


It’s a creek, a gorge, a canyon and a swamp. Basically, your idea of a glorious adventure and your pooch’s idea of pure, puppy heaven. The walk includes patches of rainforest, dry woodland and gum, and has a couple of caves to explore too. You might also want to bring a few snacks so you can set up a puppy picnic in the grassed areas.

Distance: 1.4km
Difficulty: Hard
Dog: Best just reserve this trail for the big dawgs
Leash: Yes

Lake Parramatta: Banksia Track


This trail is the stomping ground for epic dog walks because no dog wants to be trotting on cement footpaths when it’s time for walkies. Banksia is definitely a short walk, but its greatest asset is the uneven terrain you’ll get to plot along. You’ll have to start on the She-Oak track to get to this path but keep soldiering on and you’ll even find a cute creek crossing.

Distance: 2.5km
Difficulty: Easy
Dog: All sized
doggos can conquer this track
Leash: Yes

Here are 11 of the best coastal walks in Sydney. 

Image credit: Matt Nelson

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