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Up Your Brow Game At Sydney’s Best Eyebrow Studios

By Brooke Harrison
20th Aug 2017


If there’s one thing you need to know about beauty trends right now it’s this: bushy brows are here to stay. So if you’ve been umming and ahh-ing about what beauty regime to adopt next, eyebrow styling should be at the top of your agenda.

From Cara Delevigne to the Kardashians, the past few years have seen a new generation of bold browed female influencers literally shape the faces of today. The trend which involves swapping the tweezers for brow liners, dye and even cosmetic tattoos has taken the beauty world by storm with eyebrow salons opening up, well, pretty much everywhere. 

Of course, we can’t all look like Brooke Shields (circa Blue Lagoon), so for those of us less fortunate (and with a lot less eyebrow hairs), there are still plenty of ways you can achieve those sculpted, statement brows with just a little ‘fleeking’. Goodbye thin pencilled brows, #eyebrowsonfleek means more filling, shaping and grooming to achieve brows that will define and frame the face. So to aid the process of turning those sparsely, odd shaped hairs into features to be proud of, we’ve rounded up Sydney’s best eyebrow salons specialising in brow transformation. 

Diandra Politano


With 10 years in the brow game, Diandra Politano is all about a full and natural brow that doesn’t cost your weekly groceries allowance. Not only down she shape like a boss, but she also tints and does a mean lash lift to boot. You can find her in Sydney’s inner west and before you ask, it’s totally chill here—yep, no brow shame in sight. 

Kristen Fisher Eyebrows

Double Bay

Kristen Fisher Eyebrows in Double Bay offers a range of brow services to suit all your brow styling needs. With over two decades of experience between them, the team are dedicated to taking a unique and customised approach when colour matching and styling for each client. Whether it be brow tinting or feather touching, KFE are passionate about brows and well versed in achieving the perfect brow lines. They even offer a brow rehab program for those after a more natural service who just need a little TLC. 

Amy Jean Eye Couture


With three main services on offer, you can either learn from the best how to sculpt your own brows (once they’ve been transformed in-house) or opt for an eyebrow lift. This service combines derma fillers and ant-wrinkle injections in order to achieve symmetry beyond just the brow sculpt. Amy Jean also offers feather stroke tattooing, perfect for those with sparse hairs who find brow maintenance challenging. Using a semi-permanent, micro pigmenting technique, the brows are shaped with hair-like strokes and only need touching up every 12 to 18 months. 

Hollywood Brows

Avalon & Double Bay

Suzi at Hollywood Brows takes into consideration face shape, hair colour and even personality in order to achieve the perfect sculpted brow for her clients. The initial consult involves a brow rehab, where the brow shape is re-designed and groomed before a follow-up maintenance appointment for retouching and/ or tinting. Suzi also specialises in teenage brow shaping, so that younger clientele can begin to train, tame and develop the perfect brow shape from an early age.

Brow Confidence


Lien Davies, the mastermind behind Brow Confidence has a passion for helping women look their best. Prior to making an appointment, Lien will discuss your brow needs and even request a selfie so she knows what to expect when you arrive at the studio. For those who want to learn the magic of creating the ultimate brow at home, she also offers an e-book or a brow masterclass, where for 90 minutes you can learn from her direct over skype how to master brow shaping and styling. 

Lita Brow Boutique


Lita Boutique focuses on eyebrow grooming, shaping, custom colouring and cosmetic tattooing. Also known as feathering, cosmetic tattooing involves using a micro-blade to create hair-like strokes that are filled with colour to permanently enhance the brows, making them look thicker and fuller for longer. And who said brow styling is exclusive to females? For guys who want (or need) to embrace the brow trend, Lita Boutique offers ‘manscaping’—tinting and shaping for the boys. 

Benefit BrowBar

Multiple locations

For brow tinting, waxing or shaping, Benefit’s brow bar is here to wow your brows. Each brow expert has been trained in Benefit’s signature technique so you can be groomed for greatness. Through their brow mapping service, they take key features into account in order to create the best brow shape to suit your face.  

The Eyebrow Studio

North Sydney

For those who are after long lasting, natural looking eyebrows, The Eyebrow Studio offers feather stroke tattooing using super fine brush strokes, delicately etched into the skin that help to cosmetically enhance the brow. If you’re a little hesitant about eyebrow tattooing, Suzanne has had over 12 years’ experience and specialises in subtle, natural looking brows. During the initial consult, Suzanne will style, shape and define your perfect brow line ensuring you are 100% happy before applying the pigment. A follow up appointment to perfect the strokes is made within six weeks and after care is discussed in detail so you can feel confident to know you are in safe hands. 

The Brow Bar 


Do you need a brow whisperer? (Hint: you do.) If so, The Brow Bar is the place for you! Utilising its specialised Brow Whispering techniques (which is a fancy way of saying, they know their stuff!), the result is perfectly shaped brows and a brighter, more youthful appearance. The Brow Bar has a number of boutiques throughout Sydney, so make an appointment with a Brow Whisperer and your life will never be the same.

Parlour B 


Rounding off our list of the best brows in Sydney is Parlour B. With plenty of years of experience under their belts, the team at Parlour B will tweeze,  tint, pluck, and tug (in the nicest way possible) to get your eyebrows into tip-top shape. So put down the tweezers and get to Parlour B today! Your brows will thank you.

Sharon-Lee Inc


Sharon-Lee knows eyebrows like nobodies business. That’s a fact. She’s one of Australia’s leading eyebrow artists and has been shaping brows for more than 20 years. The treatment here is personalised, where your brow shape is a factor of your face shape, depth and pitch of features, hairline, age, colour and how you use your face. Pretty scientific stuff, huh? This determines the end line of your brow and any colour correction needed to ensure your brows are the best they could possibly be. 

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Image credit: Maja Topcagic

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