The Best New Exercise Classes In Sydney

By Sophia Richardson
8th Dec 2017


It’s coming up to that time of year when we all commit to hitting the gym a little bit harder. But before you give up on your New Years resolution (before new years even rolls around) take a little read of this bad boy. Yep, we’ve sweated our way around Sydney to find you the best new exercise classes in town. 

Yep, here are Sydney’s best new exercise classes—you’re damn welcome. 

Assisted Stretch Classes | Stretch Studio 

Double Bay 

It’s something you can do in the comfort of your own home, but it’s also something that someone else can do for you in Double Bay—stretching. Sydney has a legit stretch studio where one on one assisted stretching classes are totally a thing. This will help to increase your range of motion, flexibility and mobility, and is extra important if you’re guilty of running out the gym door before stretching it out.

EMS Training | SpeedFit 

CBD & North Sydney 

ICYMI, EMS training (Electro Muscle Stimulation) will make you toned AF without any effort. The best part of training at SpeedFit is that every session is tailored to you. In 20 minutes, you’ll get a full body workout that burns the same calories as an hour at the gym, so the only question now is where the hell do we sign up?  

Barre Circuit | The Barre Project 


If you love any class that’ll work up a serious sweat (helloooo interval training) and make you feel the burn (like, serious burn) then this one’s for you. The Barre Project is a seriously luxe barre studio and every class combines yoga, pilates, dance, strength and interval training to whip you into shape. The studio is packed out with LED lights that change as you transition to working out a new body part and to be honest, this is one of our favourite new classes in Sydney. 

Rhythm Class | Infinite Cycle 

CBD & Waterloo 

Calling all spin devotees—a SoulCycle-style studio has just landed in Sydney and (dare we say it) it might even be better than the original. Before you’re put off by the word rhythm, just know that you don’t actually need any (we’d know) and it actually just means you’ll be working with resistance bands throughout the class for a full body workout. Infinite Cycle is the only Australian studio that has access to these particular spin bikes which tilt and lean with as you turn corners. This workout burns 20% more calories than a regular spin class—need we say more?

Sky Fit | Sky Zone 

Miranda & Alexandria 

Now for the real fun. The childhood pastime of trampoline jumping doesn’t have to be a thing of the past because Sky Zone (aka the epic trampoline and rock climbing warehouse) now does Sky Fit classes. These classes will have you bouncing around and burning fat left, right and centre on a tramp and like all good fitness classes, you can specify what kind of tramp class you want: aerial abs, climb or a combo. 

Ninja 101

Wetherill Park

Okay, so this last one isn't actually a course but they have 22 ninja obstacle courses. So do you really care? We didn't think so.

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Image credit: Claudia Shmueli

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