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Say Hello To Manta: The Demi-God Of The Hairbrush World
By Jessica Pridmore - 26 Jul 2018

No, this is not an image of the new Beats By Dre offering, nor is it some fancy vibrating facial cleanser (though, we are fans of those).… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Is This Sydney’s Most Cutting Edge Hair Salon? | The Verdict
By Sammy Preston - 24 Jul 2018

Are you in a 90s R&B video (we're thinking Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream here), or some sort of futuristic fashion… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Where To Head For The Best Keratin Treatments In Sydney
By Jessica Best - 27 Mar 2018

Basically, we all want our locks to mirror smooth and manageable waves but let’s be real, we’re not all blessed in the halo of… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
Here’s How You Can Save The Orangutans One Soap Bar At A Time
By Simone Jovel - 15 Mar 2018

ICYMI the legends over at Lush just get us; we want to save the animals and we want our hair on fleek, and now thanks to them we can do both… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
8 Things You Should Always Tell Your Hairdresser
By Phoebe McRae - 01 Mar 2018

Women of Sydney, gather ‘round. We’ve unlocked a few secrets that 100% will change your life. Yes, we’re serious–and… Read More +

Hair & Beauty
16 Of The Best Vegan Beauty Products To Invest In
By Elena Mauen - 14 Nov 2017

Imagine if vegan beauty was more than a hashtag? Could the cute bunny on the packaging really make a difference? Here at The Urban List, we… Read More +

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