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Taylor Swift Spin Classes Have Landed In Sydney

By Ange Law
9th Oct 2017


We’ll be real with you guys. It takes A LOT to take our mind off the burning pain during a spin session. We know it’s good for us, but when you’re 20 minutes in and someone’s yelling in your face to turn up the resistance, all we’re thinking about it the burger joint waiting for us down to road.

Thanks to the all ‘round legends at Sydney’s brand new cycle studio, Cycology Club (get it?), you’ll be burning off all your frustrations (and weekend cocktails) to the beat of T-Swizz and all of her exes. Now that sounds like something we can get behind. You’ll be taking shots at Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, John Mayer and even Joe Jonas (yeah they’re going all the way back in time on this one). 

There’s no set date for the next class, but we’re thinking it’ll be in time to get that summer bod rocking. Our money is also on a Spice Girls session (just saying). More details here

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Image credit: Taylor Swift

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