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32 Burton Street
Darlinghurst, 2010 NSW
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Rows of freshly baked croissants from AP Bakery

Brought to you by Mat Lindsay (of Ester and Schwarmama fame), Reuben Hills’ Russell Beard, and Ping Jin Ng (of Paramount House Hotel and Paramount Coffee Project)—the same team behind the now-legendary Shwarmama—AP Bakery isn’t shaping up to be your average inner-city bakery-cafe.

Slated to open next month, the “AP” in the name stands for “all-purpose”, though with Lindsay and head baker Dougal Muffet in the kitchen, we doubt there’ll be anything generic about the way this crew goes about making their bread.

From prioritising sustainable and local sources of seed and grain to keeping the through-line between grower, maker, and customer crystal clear and rock solid, AP Bakery is set to churn out some of Sydney’s tastiest, freshest bread. And we mean fresh.

There aren’t too many bakeries in Sydney boasting on-site flour mills (Manly’s Berkelo and the late, great, Dust come to mind), but take a peek inside AP’s charming, heritage sandstone cottage behind Oxford Street (once the home of The Commons) and you’ll find a “New American” stone mill grinding a variety of grains and seeds on the daily for ultra-fresh flour and an unbeatable final product.

Not only is it the secret sauce giving AP’s bread and pastries a mighty boost in flavour and nutritional value, but it means a more sustainable production process and the chance to work with local, small-scale farmers, Muffet’s own heirloom seeds and grains, plus the Australian Gene Bank to source old-world varietals of wheat and corn.

“We are really keen on supporting farmers working with more regenerative practices and the mill is critical to providing them with a marketplace for the grain they grow,” says Muffet. Plus, since their mill has no sifter, “effectively there is no waste. The grain that goes in at the start comes out at the end, just in a powdered form”.  

You’ll be able to sustainably carb-load on any of AP’s staples, like their sourdough baguette, fermented potato buns, mixed grain loaves, and huge pizza bianca’s, and get your morning pastry fix with Viennoiseries the likes of buttery croissants, buckwheat pain au chocolat, a rosella wheat canelle, and Vegemite and asiago scrolls.

AP’s baked beauties will no doubt star in their curated breakfast and lunch menus, and are the perfect pair to in-house brewed Reuben Hills coffee (featuring beans sourced from unique single farms and a rotating selection of seasonal blends).

Or, being a fully licensed bakery-cafe, any of the all-Australian, organic, natural wines they have on offer.

Darlinghurst may already have more top-tier bakeries than you can shake a baguette at, but we reckon AP is in the running to become your new go-to.

AP Bakery is slated to open in March 2021. 

Image credit: AP Bakery