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50 Things We Love About Christmas Time in Brisbane

By Sophia McMeekin
28th Nov 2014

The humidity is rising, the air con is pumping, and December 1st is looming, so here at TUL we’re just about ready to get into full-blown Christmas mode. 

We’re total suckers for all the good cheer, eating, drinking, and general merry making that comes with Christmas, so we’ve put together this list of the top 50 things we love about Christmas time in Brisbane.

  1. Mangoes. Nuff said.
  2. There’s no such thing as too many fruit mince pies.
  3. Having an advent calendar at the office, at home, and in your car.
  4. Drinking at breakfast is not only acceptable, but actively encouraged.
  5. Prawns on the beach.
  6. Having a legitimate excuse to face plant into a pavlova.
  7. Creative tropical interpretations of 'traditional' Christmas meals i.e. put passionfruit on everything.
  8. Shopping for ‘gifts’, then buying things for yourself. 
  9. Sweating your way through your roast Christmas lunch.
  10. Complaining about all the Christmas music, but secretly loving every Christmas album ever, including Michael Buble’s.
  11. You’re allowed to put Bailey’s in your coffee.
  12. No work (soon).
  13. Acquaintances give you peanut brittle and rum balls for no apparent reason.
  14. Rum balls!
  15. Researching stuffing recipes.
  16. Stressing over your Christmas tree styling. 
  17. Judging other people’s Christmas trees.
  18. Fighting with your fairy lights. (The fairy lights always win.)
  19. Watching Love Actually 50 times.
  20. Debating the merits of turkey VS ham.
  21. Beach cricket.
  22. The beach generally.
  23. Trying all the gingerbread in town until you find the best in Brisbane.
  24. Trying to guess your office secret Santa.
  25. Trying to find something you can buy your office secret Santa that doesn’t suck and costs $3.50.
  26. Drinking cocktails and then swimming all afternoon. 
  27. Eating non stop because it’s too late to get your ‘kini body ready anyway.
  28. Crab on white bread rolls with butter.
  29. All the seafood.
  30. Family fights over who’s bringing what to Christmas lunch.
  31. Seriously blurring the lines between work and play at your office Christmas party.
  32. Candy canes forever.
  33. Getting a car park at a shopping centre and not getting punched.
  34. The Office Christmas special.
  35. Cherries.
  36. Getting Christmas cards in the post.
  37. Department store Christmas windows. Never too old.
  38. The pud’.
  39. Drinking port with your uncle, like a boss.
  40. Getting excited to pull Christmas crackers, even thought you’re perpetually disappointed with their contents.
  41. Presents!
  42. Hanging out with your crazy rels.
  43. Treating Champagne like a valid source of hydration. e.g. 'It's so hot...let's have a Champagne?'
  44. Perpetuating the Santa myth to small people.
  45. Seeing Santa at your local shopping centre and waving at him like an idiot, because it's SANTA, people.
  46. Baked. Camembert.
  47. No matter where you are, there's always a box of Favourites chocolates in the immediate vicinity.
  48. Lying on the couch in your brand new PJs eating said Favourites.
  49. You can chop down a tree and put it in your house.
  50. Mangoes. Seriously, how good are mangoes?

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Image credits: Rene's Travels

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