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Have A Boogie At 10 Of Brisbane’s Best Bars Where You Can Dance

By Ranyhyn Laine
15th Dec 2020

an outdoor bar filled with people

For anyone who feels a strong urge to get up and bust a move after they’ve had a few cocktails, there’s plenty of bars in Brisbane where you can do just that—whether you prefer to drop it low, sprinkler it out, do the WAP or break out whatever other dance moves you (and your blood alcohol level) prefer. And now that indoor dancing is allowed, we absolutely cannot wait to hit the dancefloor and show off all the TikTok dance moves we learnt in lockdown. 

Here’s ten bars and nightclubs in Brisbane where you can actually dance, for the next time the tequila tells you that yes, you should attempt to krump right now.

X Cargo 

Fortitude Valley

The Valley’s iconic shipping container bar X Cargo is completely outdoors, which means you have far less chance of ending up with sweaty pits—unless you’re incredibly energetic, in which case you better douse yourself in antiperspirant as usual. With DJs playing right now’s hottest tracks, your current fave song is bound to come on eventually.

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

Caxton Street

Do-si-do to the live rockabilly sounds thumping at Lefty’s on Caxton Street. Drop those inhibitions and let your inner country music fan out! When you need a breather, be sure to head to the front bar where you can get a bag of popcorn and sample the house cocktail: a whisky apple made with Sailor Jerry’s and fresh apple juice. Dancing sustenance right there.

The Press Club

Fortitude Valley

If old school RnB is what it takes to get you out of your seat then make a beeline for The Press Club in Fortitude Valley. Soon enough, booths that were meant for sitting become overrun with dance-aholics cutting shapes like a grade three class and screaming the universal party chorus: ‘from the windoooow, to the wall’.

The Beat

Fortitude Valley

If you’re a fan of Sex & the City then you know that gay clubs are one of the best places to show off your hot moves. The Beat is no exception and is a Brisbane dance institution for good reason. Don’t be surprised if you turn into a slave for Britney while you’re here!


Fortitude Valley

As soon as you walk in the door to Laruche, you find yourself conveniently in the middle of their dancefloor, so you know this place means business (of the dancing variety). Laruche is the ultimate nightclub in Brisbane, with hot-to-trot DJ sets that will have you letting loose as soon as you arrive. 

The Prince Consort

Fortitude Valley 

It might have eight different bars and spaces to explore, but if you want to boogie at the Valley’s massive new bar The Prince Consort, you’ll want to head outside to the garden bar, where space has been left between the white picnic tables for a dance floor. The stage is taken over by live music and DJs every weekend, and there’s a bar right next door for when the vodka starts wearing off, though you can also take a break and head upstairs to La La Land.

Brooklyn Standard 

Brisbane City

If your idea of a good night out dancing involves a basement club vibe—look no further than Brooklyn Standard. This NYC-inspired spot is a spot to catch a rocking live band, knock back a few beers, and yes, hit the damn dance floor like no one's business. And like the sign on the wall says, if the music is too loud, you’re too old—go home, grandma.

Suzie Wongs 

Fortitude Valley 

Head through the old refrigerator door that marks the entrance of Suzie Wongs and you’ll find a dive bar adorned in vintage paraphernalia—and a live music stage, where rockabilly, blues and surf rock bands take the stage on weeknights, making way for more commercial tunes on weekends. Need some liquid courage? Just order a couple of their signature pina coladas and prepare to let loose. 


Fortitude Valley 

Hidden up a blink-and-you'll-miss-it set of stairs, Tomcat is the cool dive bar of your dreams; dark graffiti walls, cocktails on tap, craft beers, a pool table plus pizzas made to order. Oh, and did we mention there’s live music every weekend? 

Mr Mista 

Fortitude Valley 

It may start out as a sleek spot for bao buns and creative cocktails in the early evening, but after 10pm, when the DJ turns it up, Mr Mista turns into a pumping nightclub, though you can still get those cocktails of course. It’s like two bars in one, without having to brave Ann Street to get from one to the other, which as we all know, is a dicey strip at the best of times (all those strange liquids on the pavement to avoid…). 

Don’t have enough TikTok dance moves to hit the floor? Check out these rooftop bars instead. 

Image credit: X Cargo

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