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10 Of The Best Country Bakeries Near Brisbane

By Lillian Curthoys
17th Jan 2022

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When a trip out of town doesn’t include a pit-stop at a country bakery for epic snacks, can it even be classified as a successful trip? Country bakeries are not only epicentres for drool-worthy baked goods, but they serve as notable tourist attractions, and places where members from in and out of town can congregate and enjoy some good eats.

If you’re heading out of town, or you’re just in the mood for a vanilla slice that will make your drive worth while, we’ve created a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the best country bakeries in Queensland, all within driving distance of Brisbane, where the pies are worth their weight in gold. 

Kenilworth Country Bakery 


Not only does Kenilworth Country Bakery have a 1kg doughnut challenge that you can test your appetite on, but you can also try one of Australia’s only coffees in a doughnut, as well as a plethora of filled doughnuts, sandwiches, pies and vegan and gluten free sweets. If a coffee in a doughnut isn’t to your taste, then Kenilworth also does hot chocolate and ice cream sundaes in doughnuts as well. You know you want one.

Rick’s Bakehouse


Nestled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, this quirky country bakery is absolutely worth the road trip. Open seven days a week from 5:30am, at Rick’s you’ll gorge on artisan bread fresh from the oven, delicate pastries like Mille-feuille and lemon meringue tarts, and decadent slices. Plus they pour some of the best coffee in the area.

The Baker's Duck


How does a lemon meringue twice-baked croissant sound? Or a snickers cruffin? They might sound like they belong in a boujee city bakery, but you’ll actually find them at The Baker’s Duck in Toowoomba. The crew here are famous for dishing up inventive and insanely delicious baked goods, all of which are worth a drive all on their own. Buy extras for the trip home. 

Eudlo General Store


Inside this newly refurbished general store, you’ll find some of the best pies you’ll ever have the pleasure of devouring. Made fresh daily, there’s a flaky croissant-like top while the inside is filled to the brim with delicious sticky beef cheeks slow cooked in red wine. There’s also a hearty chicken number and for the vegetarians, you’ll love the cauliflower, spinach and cheese pie. There’s also melt in your mouth croissants and slices for the sweet-toothed people among us.

Blackbutt Bakery


If you’re on your way west, make sure you plan a stop at Blackbutt Bakery, where you can get your hands on their revolutionary cheeseburger pie. Other traditional favourites you’ll find in their cabinet include vanilla and passionfruit slices, or if you’re looking for a great coffee accompaniment, we suggest the strawberry hedgehog slice, with white chocolate fudge and roasted pistachios. 

Old Fernvale Bakery 


Winner of best gourmet pie in Australia in 2019, there are no prizes for guessing what you should order at Old Fernvale Bakery. You could get a regular steak and mince pie—or you could try one of their gourmet flavours, which on any given day range from turkey, cranberry and camembert to chicken carbonara. Whatever you choose, always get the mushy peas on top and always get a slice of their epic vanilla slice for after.

Little Tree 


With a daily menu that offers everything from banh mi to mango coconut semifreddo, Little Tree Samford is the perfect country bakery for those of us that live in the city. Their hotbox is full of Morrocan lamb and beef and shiraz pies, and their sweet treats and freshly baked bread taste better than ever in the fresh country air.

Foxy's Bakery 


If you’re after all the treats and communal feel of a classic country bakehouse, then stop in at Foxy’s Bakery for everything from cakes and pies to kebabs. You can load up snacks for your car trip, or take home some of their family-sized pies, cakes or rolls for the whole house to enjoy (or just for you). 

Lovett At Kalbar 


Lovett at Kalbar is the perfect pit stop on your country road trip, with shelves overflowing with cookies, tarts, slices, muffins and pies, all proudly featuring local produce. The bakery cafe is just as pretty as the baked goods too, with greenery adorning just about every corner. 

Dayboro Bakery 


If you’ve got a sweet or savoury tooth, Dayboro Bakery will cater to you with the likes of spinach and feta damper, as well as classics like vanilla slice and pineapple pies. With a strong community around it, Dayboro is also surrounded by pristine hills and clear mountain air, and well worth the time it takes to get there.  

Since you’re heading out to the countryside, why not check out these wineries while you’re at it?

Image credit: The Baker's Duck

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