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8 Of Brisbane’s Best Fishing Spots

By Victoria Patapan
1st Sep 2022

Silhouette of a person fishing while ankle deep in the water

When it comes to places to nab a bite, Brisbane is seriously #blessed. And no, we aren’t talking about restaurants (although the River City sure has got some good ones). With plenty of piers, bridges and bays, there’s no shortage of sites to sit back with a bevvy and embrace your inner angler. So set that early morning alarm, grab your fishing rod and see if you can snag the next catch of the day at Brisbane's best fishing spots. Go fish!

Hornibrook Bridge 


While some come for the views out over North Pine River and Bramble Bay, the pylons of Hornibrook Bridge are known for being fish-friendly. The current carries in wave after wave of whiting and flatheads, so the junction promises prime fishin’ even if you’re new to the game. Load up your line with some blood or beach worms and see if you can score some bream. 

Type: Bridge fishing
Catch: Whiting, Flathead, and Bream

Gateway Bridge


If you’re a fan of the view gliding over the gateway, try heading down under for something more secluded. The base of the bridge is a fave for fishy fare like Mangrove Jacks and Threadfin Salmon. We recommend heading down for the turn of the tide for your best chance to catch (and release). 

Type: Land fishing
Catch: Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jacks, Mulloway and Catfish

Shorncliffe Pier


Stretching out into the gently lapping waves of Bramble Bay, the iconic Shorncliffe Pier is the perfect place to make some fishy friends. Swing by at sunrise to snap some pretty pics while you reel in dinner. The pylons that hold up the pier are the perfect spot for fish to hide out so try to drop your line close by.  

Type: Pier fishing
Catch: Bream, Flathead, Yellowfin Whiting, Winter Whiting, and Tailor

Wynnum Jetty


There’s a reason the Wynnum waterfront has so many fish ‘n’ chips stores. Set up camp underneath the pergolas at the end of the jetty if you’re looking for a challenge, or else keep it close to shore for a more reliable bite. 

Type: Jetty fishing 
Catch: Bream, Whiting, and Flathead

Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall


Bountiful bream make the Manly Harbour Rock Wall one of Brisbane's best fishing perches. Cast your line in the deeper waters if you’re looking for these fellas, or else you’ll be reeling in plenty of whitehead. The harbour gets busy during the day, so swing by at night if you’re looking for seclusion. We recommend visiting either side of the changing tide for your best chance at scoring a catch. 

Type: Land fishing
Catch: Travelly, Flathead, Bream, and Cod

Wellington Point Jetty

Wellington Point 

Head out east to Wello to soak up some sun as you settle in for a relaxing day out on the ocean. Or should we say, above the ocean. Experienced anglers should head for the deeper waters, whereas newbies are sure to nab a bite in the shallows. 

Type: Jetty fishing
Catch: Snapper, Flathead, and Bream

Breakfast Creek


Who would’ve guessed that one of Brisbane’s best fishing spots was just outside the city centre? Despite the traffic buildup on Breakfast Creek Road, the river itself is packed with plenty of sealife (err..riverlife?). Head to the Newstead Park Jetty for a fave fishy hideout—we’re talking snapper, cod and catfish galore.  

Type: Jetty fishing
Catch: Salmon, Jackfish, Mangrove Jack, Snapper, Bream, Jewfish, and Mullet

Pumicestone Passage

Bribie Island

Bribie’s our go-to for all our maritime adventures, and fishing is no exception. This Moreton Bay beaut is the perfect place to score yourself a fresh haul of fish, crab or prawns. If you’re not sure where to go, Bongaree Jetty is the fish equivalent of the Bruce Highway on a long weekend, so we’d recommend starting there. Just be sure to check up on Bribie’s fishing zones before casting your line, or risk ruining your arvo with a hefty fine.   

Type: Boat, land and jetty fishing
Catch: Mulloway, Snapper, Bream, Flathead, Cod, Parrot, Prawns, Mud Crabs and Moses Perch.

Prefer your fish deep fried and covered in batter? Check out Brisbane’s best fish and chips shops instead. 

Image credit: Kimi Albertson

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