10 Places To Dig A Spoon Into Brisbane’s Best Tiramisu, According To You

By Ranyhyn Laine
10th Feb 2023

Italy’s best-loved dessert, Tiramisu (literally meaning ‘pick me up’) was named for its energising layers of marsala-soaked sponge, creamy mascarpone and coffee—interesting, considering we’d argue that most of us know it today as the last nail in the food-coma coffin brought on by an Italian feast. Either way, we'd never say no to a good one.

And luckily, we’ve no shortage of spots to sink our teeth into its mushy layers here in Brisbane, either—from the most traditional of recipes to the most contemporary, plates of tiramisu dot our city north to south. We asked you for your favourite tiramisus in Brisbane on Instagram, and you definitely had some suggestions. As recommended by you, here are 10 of the best tiramisus in Brisbane.


Fortitude Valley 

If you like your tiramisu classic but with a good kick of booze, Bianca's tiramisu is for you. Layers of coffee liqueur-soaked savoiradi biscuits and creamy mascarpone will knock your socks off after your Italian fest. It's the perfect way to finish off date night at one of Brisbane's prettiest restaurants.

Il Molo


Il Molo isn’t just about the cheesy provolone arancini and creamy carbonara spaghetti. In fact, the tiramisu here is essential eating—even if you’re full after downing an entire diavola pizza. Dig a spoon through the top layer of soft cocoa powder and scoop up mouthful after mouthful of espresso, mascarpone, coffee liqueur and savoiardi.

Ramona Trattoria


It’s hard to save room for anything at this suburban spot, but we suggest you let your dinner date nab the last piece of the fried mozzarella sandwhich so that you’ve got more room for the finale. Ramona Trattoria doesn’t stray too far from the classic rendition and why would they with this slab of mascarpone, coffee, hazelnut and marsala perfection? 

Ciao Papi 

Howard Smith Wharves

With a penchant for fresh, flavoursome fine Italian food comes an obvious spot for tiramisu on the menu, as is so at the riverfront Ciao Papi down under the Story Bridge. If you like your tiramisu with a side of serious water views and top-notch wines, here you’ll find all three in copious amounts, and all equally satisfying.

Julius Pizzeria 

South Brisbane

You say Beccofino, we say Julius Pizzeria—it’s all good, and you’re covered on both sides of the river with this iconic duo’s Italian style trifle made with coffee, mascarpone and sponge finger biscuits. The only reason not to fill up on their famous duck ragu.


Fortitude Valley 

You are probably already very familiar with Rosmarino's culurgiones cacio nduja, their pillowy potato stuffed pasta dumplings, but you haven’t lived if you haven’t tasted head chef Dario Manca’s macinamisù. This one-of-a-kind take on tiramisu was inspired by Manca's grandmother, and involves still crisp sweet biscuits drowning in mascarpone cream, espresso and liqueur. 

Pasta Club

West End

No date night at this cosy pasta spot is complete without dessert—no matter how much pasta you've consumed. The chalkboard menu changes almost constantly, but the tiramisu is a staple dessert, and if you ask any of Pasta Club's regulars, a must order. 

1889 Enoteca 


a glass cup of tiramisu with a spoonful taken out

Standing strong in Woolloongabba since 2008, 1889 Enoteca might not be pushing any culinary boundaries when it comes to tiramisu, but that’s kind of a compliment. No deconstructed tiramisu insight, no maraschino cherries, no shaved white chocolate—just good old tiramisu proper, served stacked in a crystal glass kind of like you’d expect at one of those so-tacky-they’re-cool dessert bars in little Italys the world-over. Except delicious.

New Farm Deli 

New Farm 

If you know, you know. Whether you're stopping in for a coffee, picking up supplies for a charcuterie board or stocking up on lasagne and arancini balls for an easy family feed, adding on New Farm Deli's tiramisu to your oder is a non-negotiable. 



Nonda's tiramisu comes with a pretty heft twist—it's made with matcha rather that coffee. We know, we know, nonna would turn over in her grave, but non-tradional as it may be, it's far too good not to include on this list. Also featuring caramelized white chocolate and lashings of mascarpone and biscuit, you'll be licking the bowl clean. 

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Image credit: Bianca, 1889 Enoteca, NIRA Creative, Ciao Papi, Nonda, @joohye._

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