Here’s Where To Eat Pasta For Breakfast In Brisbane

By Annie Berry
11th May 2021

a bowl of gnocchi topped with a poached egg

Carbs, beloved carbs. They fill our tummies and make us truly happy. Although toast and pancakes may often be the floury condiment served on our plates before 11am, we truly really believe there is more to life than slogging through the morning until it’s finally a socially acceptable time to order pappardelle. 

These Brisbane cafés agree, and have (thankfully) added the al dente goodness that we call pasta and gnocchi to their breakfast menus. If you feel as we do, here’s where to scoff pasta for breakfast. 

Sister Café


Sister Café have made all our dreams come true by including a bowl of pillowy balls of gnocchi on their breakfast menu. Doused in a creamy mushroom ragu sauce and given a sprinkle of pecorino and bacon crumbs, it’s finished off with a drizzle of truffle oil. Oh, and a poached egg of course, it is breakfast after all.

a plate of pappardelle topped with egg

Morning After

West End

The breakfast carbonara at Morning After is nothing short of iconic, and we’re pretty sure this West End spot is that cafe that started the whole trend in the first place. Here, silky pappardelle is tossed with mushrooms, smoked pancetta and manchego, before a gooey 63-degree egg is perched on top as the finishing touch. 



If you haven’t already heard, Farmhouse do the ultimate arrabiatta breakfast gnocchi. With thick slices of bacon, baby spinach, parmesan, a poached egg and a bit of chilli for a kick, this bowl of goodness will either leave you carbed up and ready to face the day or in a food coma and wanting to head back to bed. 

a mac n cheese patty topped with eggs and hollondaise

Goodness Gracious Café


Swap out the bread in your eggs benny with a base of deep-fried mac ‘n’ cheese coated in panko crumbs at Goodness Gracious Café. All the other classic elements of a benny are on the plate too, with a poached egg, hollandaise and your choice of bacon, halloumi or salmon. Thank you Goodness Gracious Cafe, thank you. 

Pitch & Fork 


Served with a thick slice of sourdough to lather up all the delicious juices is Pitch & Fork’s truffled gnocchi. This rustic breakfast creation involves a mushroom ragu, parmesan, cippolini onions, garlic and mascarpone. Gnocchi for breakfast should be the norm, we say.

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Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Smith, Morning After, Goodness Gracious

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