Brisbane’s Best Banh Mi

By Phoebe Grealy
16th Nov 2015

Brisbane's Best Banh Mi

Banh mi: hard to say, but damn easy to eat.

What’s not to love about a crusty baguette, slices of BBQ pork belly, pickled carrot and coriander with a hint of fish sauce? Obviously nothing, because Brisbane’s best cafes have been embracing this delectable Vietnamese treat with a passion and have been producing some epic banh mi combinations that would do our friends in Vietnam proud.

If you haven’t organised your lunch today (or let's be flexible, your dinner or breakfast) here’s a handy list of the top spots in town to get your hands on Brisbane’s best banh mi.

My Street Food Vietnamese


My Street Food Vietnamese lives up to their name and provides the delicious Vietnamese goods! Their banh mi has spicy lemongrass chicken and flame grilled pork, topped with all the traditional fresh toppings and smothered in delicious house-made aioli.

Café O Mai


Café O Mai takes Vietnamese flavours and gives them a Western twist. Head on down to try their five spice brisket or pork crackling banh mi made with Byron Bay berkshire pork and house made hoisin sauce. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, stop by for breakfast and try the bacon and egg banh mi!

The Roll Shop


The Roll Shop takes pride in their huge range of banh mi flavours and combinations, but our favourite is definitely the sweet glazed grilled pork banh mi, complete with pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander and home-made mayo! Want to spice things up? We dare you to add hot chilli for that extra kick.

Mrs Luu’s Vietnamese Canteen


Mrs Luu’s is quickly becoming renowned for their crowd favourite, TheThree Little Piggies banh mi with Viet porchetta, BBQ pork and viet ham. While you’re there, why not try the omelette banh mi with sautéed onions.

Little Saigon Grill


Little Saigon Grill’s banh mi are about as classic as you can get, with flavours ranging from BBQ pork to pepper pork terrine. Topped with aioli, pickled vegetables, all the greens and optional Srirachi sauce, Saigon knows exactly how to banh mi.



Scout has combined two of our favourite to produce the banh mi bagel! Banh mi is a recent addition to the menu, and is complete with roast pork belly, pickled carrot, radish, coriander, fresh chilli and aioli.

Nom Nom


One of Salisbury’s newest additions, Nom Nom, is offering locals traditional Vietnamese food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which of course includes our favourite banh mi. Their fillings range from lemongrass beef balls and honey pork patties to crackling roast pork, AND they’re available all day.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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